Top 5 men perfumes preferred by women 

Top 5 men perfumes preferred by women for this year 2024:

1. Bois d’Argent by Dior

Top 5 men perfumes preferred by women 

Bois d’Argent is a woody fragrance with slightly spicy notes. Ideal for the spring/summer season, the scents emanating from the bottle captivate and seduce women. For this perfume, the Christian Dior house focuses on freshness, joy and seduction!

2. Chanel Allure

Allure by Chanel is one of the most iconic and timeless men perfumes . The fragrances of this perfume perfectly combine all the floral olfactory notes that a woman could dream of on the skin of a man, of her man!

3. Sauvage by Dior

Sauvage by Dior is men perfume for confident and virile men. Everything a woman appreciates in a capricious and mischievous way! Both chic and rock, the top and heart notes composed of cedarwood and sandalwood delicately captivate the spirits and make you smile!

4. Chanel Blue

Bleu de Chanel is a subtle marriage between musky amber, sandalwood and dried cedar. The ultimate defended perfume that women adore and whose imagination is both airy and dreamy!

5. Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

In an eternal way, the Calvin Klein house perfumes men with Eternity for Men, and women succumb, eyes closed. This timeless perfume invites sensuality, mystery and love. All in a veil of satin musk.

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