A well-chosen perfume says as much about you as your fashion choices. From date nights, big presentations at work, job interviews or even dinner with the in-laws, a few drops of a luxury perfume can boost self-confidence and complete your look. If you’re still looking for your signature scent, take a look at this year’s best-selling men perfumes.

Aqua Di Gio Men from Armani

Close your eyes, imagine the sun on your skin and the softness of the sand under your feet… You get it! Your senses stimulated by Armani’s Aqua Di Gio Homme will give you this feeling of freshness and freedom. Light, this aquatic fragrance is a harmonious blend of jasmine petal, persimmon fruit and patchouli created by experts to offer a lovingly lingering men’s fragrance… Like a summer sunset by the sea!

Wild by Dior

Since 2015, there has been no best-seller list of men’s perfumes without the mention of this star perfume. Its popularity may be due to the “Johnny Depp” effect after the ad campaign aired, but we like to think it’s the hypnotic blend of spicy pepper, bergamot and warm woodsy trail that men and women women never get tired!

Y from YSL

Successful, creative and distinctive, Y by YSL embodies all the traits of men of the generation for which it was formulated. Bright and fresh, but also strong and sensual, this confident blend includes woody, green and sweet notes. It is ideal to wear throughout the day.

1 million by Paco Rabanne

For more than 10 years, in theaters around the world, the men who wear Paco Rabanne’s irresistible 1 million have been turning heads. This intensely masculine, woody fragrance, which exudes notes of patchouli, oak, cedar, jasmine and plum, is enclosed in a very distinctive golden bar-shaped bottle. If you are aiming to ensure maximum effect, this perfume is for you.

Homme Intense by Dior

A classic for a new generation, Homme Intense by Dior is luxurious, mature and uniquely masculine. Do you want to please on your first date? Do you have a big party? Do you just want to make a good impression? With Homme Intense, you can take care of any important event for you. It is rich in notes of iris (a rare ingredient in men’s perfume) and musk, vetiver and lavender, making it an elegant, sexual and seductive fragrance. Prepare to receive compliments!

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