The 5 Best Coconut perfumes

Whether summer is over or not, there is no question of forgetting the sweetness of the holidays. And nothing better than a perfume to bring a touch of exoticism to our days. To travel without taking a plane, head to our selection of the 5 best coconut perfumes. We are already addicted to it!

Each season has its own scent. For summer, we’re all about light, sunny scents. From floral to fruity notes, our heart is drawn to the smell of coconut. Yes, many of us succumb to the charm of this delicious and terribly intoxicating scent. And to help you find the perfect fragrance, here is our selection of the 5 best coconut perfumes to revive your vacation memories all year round.

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum Eau de Toilette

This sun-kissed perfume from Guerlain offers notes of tiare, vanilla and coconut. The famous legendary powder is transformed into an irresistible, sweet and terribly sensual perfume. The opportunity to awaken all your senses!

Sunny side up Juliette has a gun Eau de Parfum

Are you missing the sun? Then this Juliette has a gun perfume is made for you! We love its ultra delicious and comforting notes of sandalwood and coconut milk. Sunshine in a bottle!

Eau de toilette Eau de soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

This perfume is full of sparkling citrus fruits and contains accords of Seychelles sea coconut. We love this summer fragrance that takes you on a journey, both delicious and sparkling. For all coconut lovers, this is the perfume to try.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Bubble Bath Eau de Toilette

With this scent, it’s already bath time! Signed by Maison Margiela, it provides an immediate sensation of well-being thanks to its notes of “soap bubbles” and coconut. Original and full of freshness, its vintage spirit bottle seems straight out of an attic, we adopt it without hesitation.

Coconut scented mist by Yves Rocher

This Yves Rocher body and hair mist enhances coconut with its delicious scent. Easy to slip into your bag, it will always be there to bring a sweet note to your days. To spray in the morning or as a touch-up, it delicately perfumes the skin and will delight all coconut lovers.

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