Best Fragrances For Men In Their 40'sBest Fragrances For Men In Their 40's

The world of men’s perfumes is vast, and it is not always easy to find your ideal perfume through the large offer of different fragrances. Perfume houses are more and more creative in this area and like to offer different perfumes to each type of man and each age. Here are the Best Fragrances For Men In Their 40’s

1 – Dior Homme de Dior

Best Fragrances For Men In Their 40's

Dior Homme will go much further than its lively elder Eau Sauvage, it offers a complex and richly multifaceted masculinity, a universe that is both sober and elegant while being terribly modern and sensual.

2 – Legend of Montblanc

Since its arrival in perfumery in 2001 with Présence pour Homme, the Montblanc house has sought to exude the brand’s values of prestige and luxury through original accords. Every Montblanc woman and man will be able to find the ideal perfume in this range.

Regarding Legend, Montblanc chose elegance and sobriety in order to embody a Montblanc man confident in his virility, a fulfilled and serene 40-year-old man whose perfume embodies his values.

3 – This is Him by Zadig & Voltaire

This is Him who presents itself as the juice of an elegant and very Parisian rebel who will seek in This is Her lady the ideal companion for a life of parties and pleasure. This is Him, presented as the perfect alter ego of This is Her, is therefore intended to be a trendy and modern perfume which will accompany men aged 40 with elegant and furiously trendy accords.

An image that this duo’s advertising campaign will elegantly highlight in a chic but above all casual black and white. Between raw scents and woody sensualities, the man from This is Him stands out

4 – Stronger with You by Armani

Best Fragrances For Men In Their 40's

Stronger with You or sensual Italian charm for 40 year old men. The man in Stronger with You displays multiple facets and seems to assume them with a certain serenity, that of men who have already asserted themselves in a serene forty.

Thus Stronger With You first reveals itself as impertinent and dynamic with an opening that plays on hot colds between the freshness of pink pepper and clary sage counterbalanced by the spicy heat of cardamom and the powdery and elegant roundness of ‘a violet leaf. This originality of tone will carry the man of Stronger with You into sensualities this time very virile but also greedy with cedar, vanilla and hazelnut.

5 – Azzaro Chrome

For a whole decade, that of the 80s, men’s perfumes asserted themselves as ultra-powerful juices which exuded an obvious, absolute, unstoppable virility like that of the cult Azzaro pour Homme. The 90s made the choice to break with these obvious facts and adopt more half-measures, while allowing men to assert themselves in ways other than wild virility.

Chrome represents this return to the sources of men’s perfumery which no longer needs virile opulence to be masculine. Chrome therefore asserts itself as the perfume of a serene and assertive man who flourishes in his family relationships as in his career, without fuss but with charm, as 40-year-old men do so well… Mediterranean freshness and iodine accords for a distinguished Chrome

6 – Boss The Scent by Hugo Boss

Woody and fruity notes propelled by intense freshness for an original Boss The Scent. From the outset, Hugo Boss announced Boss The Scent as one of the first aphrodisiac perfumes, “As irresistible and unforgettable as a game of seduction” according to the brand. And the least we can say is that between ginger, malinka and leathery notes the sensual universe is obvious.

However Boss The Scent is not just a love potion, it is also a contrasting perfume which plays on four different facets which collide: the aromatic-citrus freshness, the fruity note of apple and malinka, the iodized touch and finally the intense woody depths and a bit gourmand.

7 – Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

For Allure Homme Sport, Jacques Polge imagined a perfume that would play on the “tension” between heightened freshness and intense heat. While linking them through an elegant floral sophistication, very original for a masculine perfume.

Thus the dazzling and sparkling start of Allure Homme Sport quickly softens and becomes more sophisticated with an opulent neroli flower. This floral note will take us into the delicacies of tonka bean while transporting us to the luminous depths of white musk, and virile cedar and vetiver.

8 – Fuel for Life Men by Diesel

In addition to its playful and even sulphurous communication, Fuel For Life Pour Homme is not only a marketing object but also a very beautiful masculine perfume composed by two great perfumers Annick Menardo and Jacques Cavallier.

Fuel For Life pour Lui opens in a relatively traditional way with dynamic freshness. It is at the heart that this juice full of vitality surprises us with its sweet but above all very original and very sweet apple-raspberry-melon accord. This fruity tenderness will quickly meet the virile woody-animal force of the depths to remind us of the power of this Fuel For Life man who has become totally irresistible.

9 – Bleu de Chanel

Before the arrival of Jacques Polge at the Chanel perfume house, men’s perfumes were few in number. But the perfumer will quickly infuse his creative energy with the traditional values of Mademoiselle Coco, which will give rise to powerful, unique and charismatic masculine juices.

After Égoïste and Allure pour Homme, Bleu will bring men in their thirties its confusing and enigmatic trail to better charm them…


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