Perfume: 3 pistachio perfumes for a delicious summer

Pistachio is a bit like the smell of our childhood. Sweet and delicious at the same time, it immediately takes us back in time, to our greatest happiness. However, in perfumery, we are only just beginning to exploit its potential. Ideal for summer, it goes well with many notes to reveal itself sometimes gourmand, sometimes more sensual. It gives off sweet-salty, green smells but also a little hint of green tea. In short, you will have understood, the author of these lines is already won over. To let yourself be seduced, here are three perfumes with a pistachio note. Perfume: 3 pistachio perfumes for a delicious summer:

1. pistachio perfumes for a delicious summer: YUM PISTACHIO GELATO, KAYALI

Perfume: 3 pistachio fragrances for a delicious summer

Launched in March 2023, this perfume contains accords of pistachio ice cream, marshmallow, whipped cream, tonka but also cotton candy (to name a few). In short, we will have understood, the smell is just ultra delicious. For this juice, that we consider the best of pistachio perfumes that we can have, Mona Kattan (the founder of the brand) was inspired by a trip to Italy with her sister, Alya, several years ago. “It was the only time we left just the two of us. We went to Rome and it was the first time I tried real pistachio ice cream… I fell in love! Almost every day I ate one, with an espresso and I said to myself: “This is life!” “, she told us during a previous interview. Perfect for summer, it will please fans of sweet juices without being too heavy.


Perfume: 3 pistachio perfumes for a delicious summer

Ready to embark on a trip to Greece? For her new creation, Un Jardin à Cythère, the nose of Hermès, Christine Nagel, was inspired by the sunny islands of the Aegean Sea. If a perfume represented summer, this one is one of the best pistachio perfumes that exists! There are notes of olive wood, grasses and fresh pistachio. A true olfactory journey that transports us straight to the island of Kythera where Aphrodite, goddess of Love and Beauty, according to legend, was born. Poetic, right?


Perfume: 3 pistachio perfumes for a delicious summer

Unexpected, sulfurous, and addictive, these are the words that the brand describes its juice, Soleil Blanc. Amber and floral at the same time, it smells good of summer, sun and beach. According to perfumers, we might even find ourselves transported to a private island where summer never dies when we smell Soleil Blanc. There are notes of bergamot, cardamom oil, ylang ylang and of course, pistachio accords.

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