Top 11 wedding fragrances for 2024 brides

Wedding fragrances for the bride are often delicate, floral and romantic. Every woman has her favorite perfume. and surely you already have a scent that you are used to wearing. But your wedding day being a special occasion, an extraordinary celebration, why not take advantage of it for a change? Come on! Go to your favorite perfume store to try it out. Because we say it again and again, it is important to try your perfume before the big day. Depending on your skin, the scent of the perfume may last for a longer or shorter time and sometimes even change. There are wedding fragrances that suit certain women and others not.

Top 11 wedding fragrances for 2024 brides

Our advice: several weeks before the big day, go to your favorite perfume store to try different perfumes. Make a short list, put one on the right wrist, the other on the left wrist, let your future half smell each scent and keep the surprise for the big day. You have no idea what perfumes you could try ? Here is our timeless top 11.

La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

A gourmet and floral fragrance that is a real joy to wear. With its notes of orange blossom, vanilla and its flagship ingredient concrete from Iris Pallida, it is a perfect fragrance for a wedding. Its smell is light and not overpowering, and with such a pretty name: who could resist it. Not your future half, that’s for sure. La Vie est Belle is the perfect perfume for a country wedding.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

It is THE perfume for free and daring brides-to-be. A chic and elegant fragrance, with accents of rose and jasmine, perfect for self-confident women. Coco Mademoiselle is truly the perfume for special occasions. This perfume will be ideal for a wedding without a particular theme, but with a simply elegant and refined atmosphere.

J’adore Dior

Pear, melon, magnolia, orchid… J’adore by Dior is an olfactory jewel. The perfect perfume for sophisticated brides-to-be who don’t like to go unnoticed. It will be perfect for a chic wedding.

Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain

Are you organizing a natural or very plant-based wedding? Then Aqua Allegoria will be the ideal perfume for your big day. Aqua Allegoria is available in different wedding fragrances that you can refill as you wish: Basil, fig, neroli, bergamot, fresh perfumes, which smell good of summer. Its light and invigorating scent will put all your guests in a good mood.

To the madness of Mauboussin

Do you like gourmet perfumes? Then this one is for you. It’s an accord between Champagne and raspberry, with a note of caramel that sparkles and celebrates happy moments… like marriage! Plus we love its diamond-shaped bottle. It’s the ideal perfume for future brides who are organizing a festive, no-fuss wedding.

Amor Amor by Cacharel

amor amor cacharel wedding

Joy by Dior

I don’t have this one but it smells really good, if you don’t know it I advise you to go try it!

Angel by Mugler


Because it’s you by Giorgio Armani

I haven’t tested it but its name is evocative, isn’t it?

Reminiscence Dragée

Also worth testing 🙂

The perfume in White by Elie Saab

When one of the greatest wedding dress designers makes a perfume, it can only be sublime, right?

The importance of perfume in a marriage

Choosing wedding perfume is a crucial decision, as it creates a lasting olfactory association with this memorable day. Every time you wear this perfume in the future, it will bring back memories of your wedding.

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