10 men perfumes for less than $60

10 men perfumes for less than $60 (generally during promotional periods):

1. Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

10 men perfumes for less than $60

Stay the hero you are, wear Jimmy Choo perfume! Urban Hero concentrates all the ingredients to accentuate the rebellious and chic look of a resolutely masculine man!

2. Lacoste L1212 White

The L1212 Blanc perfume by Lacoste is undoubtedly the sportiest perfume in the selection! With fresh notes of cedarwood and sandalwood, this perfume confirms your masculine elegance.

3. Azzaro Chrome

Perfume yourself with this invigorating eau de parfum with notes of citrus, white musk and all the subtlety of the aquatic note! Ideal for the summer, this perfume is a must have.

4. Boss Bottled

The men perfumes brand Hugo Boss embodies masculinity in all its splendor! Seduce with the delicate scents of sandalwood, apple and cinnamon. Capture magical moments by wearing Bottled de Boss perfume!

5. 1 million by Paco Rabane

What does Paco Rabane’s 1 Million perfume have in store for you? A tasty blend of the exoticism of cardamom and the depth of leather accord, all this in a bottle that says a million about you!

6. Montblanc Legend Night

Montblanc’s Legend Night perfume is pure. It transports you to the highest heights of success, while preserving the natural freshness of your typically masculine spirit.

7. Yves Saint Laurent The Man

We no longer present the very luxurious house of Yves Saint Laurent. Its L’Homme perfume alone sums up the image of the perfect man that emanates from your powerful and virile aura.

8. Versace Eros Flame

When the entire masculine universe must be described in a single perfume bottle, Eros Flame by Versace has it just right! This spectacular eau de parfum reveals all that is most man in you!

9. Dior Homme Intense

The Dior house surprises with its Homme Intense perfume! In woody notes with slightly amber facets, this perfume for men is definitely masculine and gentlemanly!

10. Givenchy Gentleman

Givenchy Gentleman Eau de Parfum is specially designed for modern men. Let yourself be enchanted by a powerful and balanced fragrance between pepper essence and black vanilla.

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