The 5 best office perfumes 2024

Here are the best 5 office perfumes you should wear to the office:

1. Nothing but Sea and Sky – A Nomad Night

The 5 best office perfumes 2024

This airy, woody scent is ideal for starting the day at work. A light aquatic note combined with fresh citrus notes makes the fragrance soft and pleasantly metallic. Nothing but Sea and Sky takes you mentally to the sun and creates a summer atmosphere in the room.

2. Bohemia 265 – Black House

Bohemia 265 from Maison Noir combines bergamot with aromas of cardamom and thyme and is wonderfully suitable for professional occasions thanks to its fresh base. This fragrance is aimed at all free spirits and offers enough space for interpretation and creativity – even at work!

3. Bergamundi – Farmacia SS. Annunziata

Another scent that works well in the office is Bergamundi from Farmacia SS. Annunziata. It combines lemon, bergamot, lime and mandarin and thus exudes pure liveliness in every room. An invigorating fragrance reminiscent of Mediterranean landscapes and ensures a refined freshness that is super pleasant to wear.

4. lethe – Ulrich Lang New York

This light fragrance from Ulrich Lang New York contains notes of lavender, bergamot and pleasant florals that create a creamy scent with subtle freshness. lethe goes perfectly with all professional looks and is therefore part of your limited selection if you are looking for a delicate office perfumes.

5. Eating Wherever – Emil Élise

Eating Wherever is a truly feel-good scent with a blend of fruit and floral aromas that give an incredibly lively and youthful impression. The olfactory base of ripe fruit makes us feel healthy and in great shape at any time of the day. The scent is playful but not overpowering, which is why it is perfect for the office and can be worn every day.

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