The One, The Only

One onlyDolce and Gabbana have the distinction of producing one of the most consistently popular perfumes of Gen X, namely, Light Blue.  Curiously, it is often not discussed on perfume fora. Why?  It’s hard to say, but D&G perfumes have never been considered particularly innovative or interesting, as opposed to those of, say, Prada, or even Donna Karan.

They are, however, popular mainstream perfumes and in wide distribution, so when I first smelled The One at Nordstrom’s, it put me in mind of a perfume from long ago that I knew well, namely, Jacques Fath’s Expression, which was in its day also mainstream.  There were of course some distinct differences as well. They were not twins, not even siblings, but they could have been cousins, once removed, let us say. Continue reading