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Violets for Valentine’s Day

Fragrant blue violets from pinterest.com

Fragrant blue violets from pinterest.com

So I realized I had been remiss here.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers and a bouquet of violets to mark the day.  I hope it is a fragrant one for you all!

I would also love to know what everyone decided to wear for Valentine’s Day?  I stuck with an old  formula Jasmin de

Double White Violets from Logees'. com

Double White Violets from Logees’. com

Corse a Coty perfume that has a violet beginning and then

is a solid, sunny and rather rural jasmine with a distinct hay note to the fragrance.

What did you choose?  Did everyone decide to stick to roses?

Cowering Under a Leaf

Although green scents often give the impression of boldness and freshness, there are some that are distinctly…retiring. The violet, to be precise.

I suppose I could go into a long disquisition on violet scents because the public never seems to tire of them.  Famously the violet note is a synthetic developed during the revolution in chemistry of the late nineteenth century, and by 1893 the ionone became one of the common  notes in perfumery and thereby made the violet experience- like the aniline dye mauve before it- one that everyone could afford.  So much so that it became  clichéd : violet perfumes were cheap perfumes.  Violet seems to have been, around 1900, the impoverished governesses’ favorite fragrance.

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