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The Party Perfume

Girl and Champagne Glass from PInterest.com

Girl and Champagne Glass from PInterest.com

This depends on the age of the party.  If the party is young the scent is likely to be something like Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel (which is a local favorite and probably a strong seasonal seller for them) and the slightly more upscale Philosophy Pink Frosted Animal Cracker (also a sellout at our local Ulta).  If you are a teenager these days you like to smell of cookies and desserts. What should they wear?  Alarms to let parents know when to pick them up!! This is what parties are about:Food.

If you are in your twenties I suspect the smell of pot is the smell of a party.  This explains the wide dissemination of Hemp based products and of indie favs like Kinski or Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s more straightforward Rocky Mountain High or I Love You Mary Jane.  Basically, you don’t have to be the ersatz lawyer from Suits to be looking around for your next buzz. What do they wear?  The ominous ambery wood of Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black which goes well with weed I’d guess. If you want to party you want to smoke…er vape I mean. This is what the party is about: giggling and noshing and you know. Continue reading

Before It’s Gone

Soap Bubbles

Soap Bubbles

Discontinuations are one of the facts of the perfume business.  Anyone who loves perfume tends to complain about the arbitrary way in which one scent after another can bite the dust, but we have to remember after all these are businesses, not  revolving exhibitions.  Either perfumers manage to stay current with public tastes and fashions or they don’t, and when they don’t, sales decline.

Did I write that?  Yes I did, and actually believe myself, but this does not stop me from behaving like a fractious toddler when one of my own favorites ends up on the chopping block. I fuss, I whine, I ask SA’s to double check for me one final time.  Maybe there’s a bottle gathering dust at Epcot or Las Vegas?  The whole process is pretty irrational. Continue reading

Five By Five

There are so many perfumes that are nearly No 5, but not quite.   This is what happens when you are the cool girl at your school, everyone wants to be you, and the melancholy truth is, that some variations of you may be more engaging than you are yourself.  Think of all the times you have said to yourself, well No. 5 is very fine but supposing she were warmer, or more floral, or had more aldehydes, or fewer aldehydes, or incense.  The list of possibilities is long.

Of the many contenders for most charming version of No5, I’ve included here five: Balenciaga’s Le Dix, Guerlain’s Liu, Robert Piquet’s Baghari, Estee Lauder’s White Linen and Mme Rochas.

Why these?  Why not say, Arpege?  Well, Arpege is a big enough variant to my mind to have broken free of the sister scent stigma.  Arpege is her own self, and always has been, warmer, deeper and much more ambery than No 5, at its best Arpege smelled to me like a floral butterscotch, of a most unctuous and melting sort.

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