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Spinning Sugar

sugarWhen the current perfume fever originally spiked around 2002 or so, one of the first aspects of new perfumes that spiked in tandem, was their sugar content. Perfumes were like bon bons, and no doubt this was mostly due to the success of Angel, and the whole family of gourmands generally, but the effect was sometimes…sticky.

Like everyone else I read the Guide and remember Luca Turin blaming a good deal of the candy floss on ethyl maltol, which is evidently a fairly inexpensive synthetic, that powered his favorite Vanilia as well as Angel.  Ethyl maltol was everywhere in those days.   Continue reading

Rose Pastry, Rose Wine

Rose fragrances lend themselves at times to the gourmand side of things.  This is, I suppose a bit counter intuitive for us in North America, but it isn’t at all if you live in the Middle East or in India where rose water in desserts is common (see Lovely Rice Pudding).

It shouldn’t come as a surprise therefore, that some rose compositions have got a definite food element to them.  Tumulte, the Christian Lacroix release of 2005, is one such.  It is rose nearly all the way through, rosy in its top notes, rose dominated in the heart and even a bit rosy in the dry down. Continue reading