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Dark Velvet Bouquets

Cat0In The Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan is always looking for the longest day of the year, and then missing it, but in my case, it’s the shortest day of the year I look for and generally miss.  All cases of seasonal blues aside, this is the time of year loved by firelight and candlelight aficionados, that includes me, and my close associate the cat, who never saw a warm surface she wouldn’t nestle onto.

To go with all this man made illumination I enjoy cozy perfumes with something like a gourmand note.  Please notice this isn’t a gourmand.  That’s a different matter, and while I like gourmands, I don’t own any. Continue reading

The Manimalic

ManimalicYou may have thought you’d smelled it all, you may have thought that there was simply nothing else the perfume world could put over on you, but you would be wrong.  Certainly I was. A simple little sample from the natural perfumers Strange Invisible Perfumes threw me for a loop.

The sample was Tribute and it was supposed to be a panegyric to the great French perfumes of the past, in a completely unprocessed form, naturally. But whether it was supposed to smell like Bal a Versailles or not, it certainly reminded me of something I smelled a good deal, something everyday, something pervasive, something sort of pungent.  Now just what was it? It took me a whole ten minutes to figure it out. Continue reading