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Pricey Niche

peacockThere’s a very odd thing going on out there in the world of perfume: niche fragrance prices are rising.  This year the cost of a 50ml. bottle is well over a hundred dollars US.  In fact, and in the interest of consumers, it’s worth pointing out that this hike comes at a time when many commodity prices are falling, natural gas, metals, pork, corn, etc, and when inflation in the US is running at or below 1.7% (the Federal Reserve’s target is 2%).  So, why are perfume prices up so much?  Is it demand, is it production costs, is it the dollar/euro exchange rate*, is it something that someone outside of the business can’t calculate, or are we…just being suckered for the sake of fashion? Continue reading


The series about those scents so impossibly expensive that only the few, the financially unchallenged, and the totally mad would actually purchase them continues.  Today’s choice is Stoned, the perfume put out by the British jeweler, Solange Azagury Partridge . It retails for $US 285.00 for 50 mls and comes in a red glass bottle with a tiny little Buddha perched on the top.

What it smells like is Habanita. Well, it does!  Only I suspect that the Habanita referenced is not the Habanita that can be purchased these days.  This version has ingested more patchouli than is strictly healthy for it and mixed it with a double shot of simple syrup so as to call Angel to mind, and is ultra sweet.  It is also powdery and tends to be more than a little bit blurred about the edges.  In this case that merely means that it’s properly named.  This is definitely for those evenings when the ingestion of mood altering substances is on the program.  Not that this perfume would get with a program, twelve step or otherwise.

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