What I Wore to the Deluge

When the sea and the sky get into the informal partnership we like to call a hurricane, it seems like all heck’s broken loose.  Here in Jersey, we’re used to heck breakin’ loose.  Heck, we often break it loose ourselves.

This last week’s meteorological event had our full attention.  We even stopped watching Bravo.

Who knew how bad was it going to be?  Well, along about noon on Monday our cat (the Jersey Girl par excellence) put her nose out the front door and considered a quick dash to avoid the litter box.  If the Jersey Girl had been any other type of cat than the scrappy little tabby that she is, and a Jersey Native, she wouldn’t have risked it.  As it was, she was out the door for a grand total of ten minutes and then dashed back inside.  She had taken care of the essentials. Continue reading

The Salty Chypre

In musing over the reasons why chypres are no longer in fashion, I’ve come up with an argument predicated on taste-buds.  If the oriental is all about the sweet and the resinous, maybe the chypre is all about the salt and the woodiness. It’s that same division in taste you notice between people who can’t pass an ice cream parlor and those who can’t pass a deli.

I belong in the latter group myself. One of my great loves is a good deli, and the best thing in life is a really good pickle and really good potato chips.  The British adoration of crisps in a wide panoply of flavors is completely comprehensible to me.  Barbeque, Salt’ n’Vinegar, Chicken Vindaloo… bring it!

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