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Cognac and Cigars All Around

brandy cigarsSome time ago I remember suggesting that Creed, if it really wanted to appeal to Generation X , should compose a perfume with a cognac beginning and a Macanudo cigar dry down.  That would fetch buyers, or I didn’t know the Upper East Side and Fairfield County.

Turns out that such a thing already exists in Krigler’s Established Cognac, and it’s a departure from other boozy perfumes in being far less wine oriented than say, the Frapins, moreover the beginning of the Krigler is the real thing. A divine snootful of a really fine old cognac, and although I’m not a cognac drinker, I do love the smell.  Krigler has that down cold, or warmed in a palm, swirling lazily in a crystal snifter. Continue reading

Roja Dove and the Maiden Voyage

Golden_HindRoja Dove the perfume collector, salesman verging on curator at Harrods, and expert, who was a nose at Guerlain for twenty years or so, has come out with his own line.  This is rather old news since he did this some time ago, but what is news is that Mr. Dove has changed his focus.

The first Roja perfumes I ever smelled were reconstructions of past marvels.  He had things in his line that recalled No5 and Fracas and so on and so forth.  It’s a perfectly valid way of doing things and makes a good deal of sense since the average consumer does not know her L’Heure Bleue from her Habanita, and besides these are time tested ideas that the public has fallen in love with many times before.  Continue reading

Can Grownups Wear Candy?

Sounds like a Project Runway challenge, no?   The gourmand scent category has been so successful of recent years that it has branched out into all sorts of unexpected directions.  Those with more sophisticated tastes may deplore it, but then, the perfume conventions of previous decades were just as hard to understand later, e.g. the 70’s musks and the 90’s non-perfume perfumes.

At least candy cannot be confused with BO as in the former case, and you can tell that someone has made an effort to wear perfume in the first place, something you can’t tell in the latter one. Continue reading

Beer on a Champagne Budget

“After you’ve been having steak for a long time, Beans, beans taste fine.                                      
And after you’ve been drinking champagne and brandy,                                                              
You’re gonna settle for wine.”

He said, “the world is funny, and people are strange                                                                  
And man is creature of constant change,              
And after you’ve been having steak for a long time,                                                                      
You know that bean’s taste fine.”

Shel Silverstein

Generally it’s supposed to be the other way around, of course, and I suppose that all of us assume that if we hit the big time, we would not have a fond nostalgia for the lager and weenies of our pasts. Continue reading