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The Symphonic Fragrance

Dublin Symphony Orchestra

Dublin Symphony Orchestra

Periodically the fashion press will trot out the statement that “perfumers have been liberated from the old pyramidal structure” of fragrance. This to me is often a tip off that the new scents about to be described by a harassed beauty editor are essentially accords.

Whole perfume business models have been built on this idea, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but if you don’t like layering fragrances, the modular system can be daunting. If you prefer to wear something finished and worked out to the final evaporation, with no roughness, no fade outs, and no awkward sections, what you are looking for is the symphonic fragrance. Continue reading


keeperaThe world of perfume blogging dearly loves a list.  Who knows why we are so very fond of these sequential processions of names and titles, but I do know that nobody who loves perfume can resist them.  I thought it was time to compose a list of the best of the last ten years, a list of the perfumes that have struck me as lasting presences on the scene, keepers, potential classics, if you like.

A list like that should have kept me deliberating for days, but actually only kept me busy for one afternoon. Why?  Well, despite the enormous numbers of releases these days, not much really strikes me as all that durable.

So here is a list that includes perfumes I don’t necessarily like myself, but which I think are classics or potential classics in the making. Just because I don’t care for it personally, doesn’t mean it isn’t in the running. Continue reading

The Year Round Floral

The decision of whether or not to change a perfume seasonally is probably not a problem for many individuals.  In fact, it’s almost certainly not a problem, since most people wouldn’t think twice about this, but I being the Anglo/Scottish hybrid that I am, and a perfume lover, also love a seasonal perfume.  We have such emphatic seasons here you see, and it is fun to pair the perfume with the weather.  That isn’t the case in many other parts of the world where the temperatures are relatively stable, and it’s the humidity levels that fluctuate, but in North America  we don’t always appreciate this reality unless we live in Savannah. If you do live in such a place, should you adopt a season-less signature scent? Should you in fact, find the year round floral? Continue reading