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Booty Kinks

bootsLeather is one part of a sartorial triptych that all Jerseyans aspire to.  The first part is leopard (shoes, handbags, tights, thongs, Kleenex – if it’s leopard, we’ll buy it), the second grommets (we use the Bedazzler, big time) and third leather (pronounced lea-thuh, and anything we really, really want is made of it.)

Mugler seems to have read our collective mind and produced something that all of us can get with: leather, or A*Men Pure Leather, if you want to get specific here.  You have to be a true enthusiast and experienced Mugler watcher to know all about all the A*Men flankers the house has released in the last decade or so.  Besides A*Men itself, there is Pure Coffee, and there is Pure Havane, and there was the wonderful Pure Malt, which smelled of peat and whiskey, and made me think of Cumming the Fragrance.  But this does not exhaust the list.  Continue reading