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The Unctuous Note of Caramel

Some people don’t care for the scent of sugar, and some people really prefer the smell of vanilla to any other, but for me, best of all is the combination of vanilla and caramel. I mean real caramel, the kind … Continue reading

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A Bitter Chypre Martini

Mals over at The Muse in Wooden Shoes recently noticed that she was experiencing a completely uncharacteristic craving for chypres.    The ones she had a yen for were not just any old chypres, but ones with a bite, a stinging … Continue reading

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Virginia and Versailles

I know we’re not supposed to smoke.  Even if I had the faintest inclination to light up, my daughter would give me a stern lecture on the dangers of smoking, and she’d be right.  It’s a dirty habit, but…there’s something … Continue reading

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Guerlain Originals

The publishing mogul/poet Felix Dennis is blunt about it: “The problem with the great idea is that it concentrates the mind on the idea itself…But unless the idea is executed efficiently and with panache and originality, then it doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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The Tea Table

Anyone who already likes perfume is likely to like tea.  They’re both fragrant brews, it’s just that one is evanescent and disappears out of your cup in a matter of minutes, and the other can sit on shelves for years … Continue reading

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