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The Green Ladies: Odalisque, Eclipse, Le Temps d’un Fête

DSCN7128Wouldn’t you know it? As I’m writing this the skies are turning that cotton wool gray that proceeds snow,* six to ten inches of snow, the weather channels say, and it’s already March.

This makes me yearn for green perfume, the lateness of this year’s winter aconites and snowdrops, and the non appearance of the crocus, put me in mind of all that I’m not smelling this year. Even if they bloom those flowers are going to be two weeks later than usual, and that’s probably an optimistic estimate, too. Continue reading

Three’s a Party

This is my  way of expressing a piece of advice I came across in an old perfume book.  The Book of Perfume (Barille and Laroze, 1995)  suggests ways in which to keep some aesthetic order in your perfume collection.

The one that intrigued me was to find trios of perfumes and colognes that worked together in a pleasing way, complimenting one another, not hissing and dissing each other the way the various casts of housewives do on reality TV shows.  A little harmony, the authors seemed to feel, would go a long way to improving life in the perfume cabinet.

Alrighty, I was up for an experiment and what exactly did they suggest? Continue reading