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An Instinct for Scent: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

The Moment

The Moment

Back in the very early days of the perfume world online, many people liked to loiter on the corner in front of Makeupalley, and one of the great attractions of the place was the huge number of reviews you could find of practically any perfumer, but posters kept mentioning the same three initials: DSH.  What was DSH?  I found out that DSH meant Dawn and she had one of the largest selections of perfume oils and perfumes (all her own) anywhere on the web.

Of course, I succumbed.  I was only a little perfumista and that site was huge, acres across seemingly.   You could lose yourself in the meandering beds of hypnotic oriental perfumes, or get sleepy on the chypre bowling green, and the floral section was like a maze. You had to keep one hand on the clipped catalog as you passed through so as to come out again at the other side. I would have gotten happily lost in that extensive pleasure ground of perfume. Only, I had a small child then and not much leisure. How could you justify taking time off to read about something as superficial as perfume? Continue reading

The Feel Good Factor

calesthenics Next spring I will have been at this for three years but have never discussed what is to me, the decisive reason for either wearing and keeping a perfume or letting it go: how it makes me feel.

Just to define a term or two here, I mean does the perfume make you feel healthy? Does it promote a sense of well being? Does it induce that feeling of being at home and happy in your own skin?  Or does it, alternatively, give you an uneasy sense that you may have sprayed on something too synthetic, something just the faintest bit nauseating?  Continue reading