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Woody Oriental-Oriental Woody

Nuit de Noel in old advertising

Nuit de Noel in old advertising

Woody perfumes are not so popular with women.  Don’t ask me why. I am one of the out-lying  oddities who like wood.  I wear vetiver and leather and chypres and all sorts of dark, dry things in winter.  You might think from the description that I was kindling some kind of aromatic fire, but it’s simply personal taste.

There is a small, repeat small, group of perfumes that lie right on the line between orientals and chypres.  I’m not discussing ambery orientals here.  Those are resin-y or incense heavy perfumes. The ones I’m writing about today don’t belong to that tribe.  They may contain some amber in the dry off, but they are not really amber perfumes. Continue reading

Stephanotis, And Other Members of the Wedding

wedding paintingAre floral perfumes just not popular right now?

Oh whoops, nope, of course they are! This year the popular floral is ylang-ylang. Consider Le Labo’s Ylang 49 and My Ylang from Caron.  There just must be a lot of the material hanging around at Givaudan-Roure or someplace, filing its nails and shrieking at the other flowers in Tagalog.

But for a brief period of time in the eighties, the flower of choice was the stephanotis, otherwise known as the wedding flower, and it figured in a (very) small number of perfumes.  Floris has a couple of them, one simply called Stephanotis which was based on a very old formula, and these days Wedding Bouquet (2011) as well, which has been pretty well received. But the Stephanotis champion is probably…ahem, Caron’s Nocturnes from 1981. Continue reading