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A Pounding Perfume Headache

The headache

The headache

One thing is for sure, I’m not the only one.  Increasingly I hear and read about people getting headaches from perfume.  It’s a very unfortunate side effect of being a perfume enthusiast.

Now you might think being someone who blogs about perfume  and smells generally, that I therefore spend my days drenched.  Not so.  In fact I generally only wear perfume after three p.m. if  I have nowhere to go in the evening.  No restaurant, concert or theater trips get accompanying perfumes .  I’ve been to those places and had my evening scented with someone else’s selection once too often.  I have also gotten what you might call  contact headaches from perfume saturated venues, and so steer clear of any powerful perfumes in public. Continue reading


Robin's nest from evoillusion.org

Robin’s nest from evoillusion.org

I don’t know about other parts of the country but around here in Jersey the perfume counters are a tad lackluster.  Most of the new perfumes are flankers of the Dolce “Floral Drops” variety, and do not cause much in the way of excitement, put it this way, you can buy the aforementioned drops on Overstock.com. What does seem to be different is the growth in the Nest personal perfume range.  Our Sephora now sells what must be about eight of these and they are all beautifully packaged in prints derived from the work of Mary Delaney the 18th century botanical decoupage artist. Continue reading