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Duking it Out – Vetiver Tonka

EakinsBoxersYou don’t associate Jean Claude Ellena’s perfumes with pugnacity.  At his most communicative Ellena, who is now working with Christine Nagel,  explains a good deal about his scents – but Vetiver Tonka doesn’t require much back story. The perfume is a solid one that stands on a heavy molecular base and offers no apologies for itself. It’s tough, and pulls no punches.

I bumbled into it at Hermes the other day, while debating whether or not to give Vanille Galante another try.  I had barely smelled VG the first time around, and my hopes for smelling it a second time were not high.  So I went with the vetiver instead, and I was in for a surprise. Continue reading

(Rose 13) – Roses, Take a Bow!

Since there have been a dozen rose posts, this might a good time to take a breather,  go back, and re-cap.

For all the complaining that perfume consumers do about the industry these days, one thing is inescapably true: there’s more variety.  Once upon a distant time, Perfumer’s Workshop produced Tea Rose and Houbigant sold A Rose is a Rose.

That was about it in 1976.  Now you have entire lines devoted to the flower in all its variations.  Les Parfums de Rosine is one such house, and besides its twenty or so perfumes, there’s a slew of mainstream releases popular with the public such as Stella, or Valentino’s Rockin’ Rose.

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(Rose 9) Cats, Roses, and Late Summer

The cat, a creature of refined sensibilities, likes to lie under  our rosebush.  There is a small hollow in the cedar mulch underneath it which is her favored resting place, and at first my assumption was that she chose this spot because it provided cover.  Cats, of course, adore near invisibility,  but there are plenty of other places which give her better cover than what she commands there, and so my conclusion is that she chooses that spot based on smell.  Charcoal literally does what the rest of us only dream about. She stops and smells the roses.

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