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Through a Looking Glass Darkly

alice-entering-the-looking-glass-world-by-sir-john-tennielThe perfume house of Mugler has become one of the most innovative ones in the world.  Forget niche perfumery (most of the niche companies, anyway). If you want something totally new and different, half the time that something will come from Mugler.

The company didn’t focus test Angel back in the day because they knew the scent would be too polarizing. It didn’t matter; the stuff swept off the market triumphantly with a huge hit.  Proving, I suppose, that to be a true entrepreneur takes true grit no matter whether you are selling smart phones, Bitcoins, or …perfume.  And although I may never have taken to the blue Angel, millions of other people have, and by now Angel’s structure has inspired dozens of similar perfumes, everything from Flowerbomb to Magical Moon. Continue reading

A Burst of Springtime

The career of Pierre Bourdon ended just a couple of years ago.  It is a shame in a way, because he was the greatest advocate for the use of synthetics in perfumery ever to charm millions of noses out of their prejudices.  I’ll write about his work elsewhere and will not be going over the subject in detail here, but it does seem to me that some of his later perfumes are being forgotten by the public and that’s really too bad.

Two, just two, of his that I really think we should revisit, are Courtesan and Romea d’Ameor’s Mistresses of Louis XIV.


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