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Diptyque: Perfume for the Counter-Culture?


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One of the aspects of perfume that gets short shrift on blogs and social media is its power to make you feel good.  Meaning, lively, healthy, at home in your own skin as the French would put it.  I find it a critical aspect of scent, and one of the reasons why I garden, because that is another way to feel well, really well, and plants have something to do with this.

Diptyque, the child of three entrepreneurs in Paris during the sixties, took this philosophy to heart.  The only two perfumes in Basenotes database credited to Desmond Knox-Leet, the best known of the three*, are l’Eau Diptyque and Eau Lente, which was supposedly a recreation of a perfume in use  at the time of Alexander the Great.  Continue reading

New and Old: Cialenga, L’Ombre dans L’Eau

Cialenga inits original advertising

Cialenga inits original advertising

Since there’s such an ocean of perfume out there now I think it helpful when mentioning old classics to pair them with something that is still in production, and similar. I wish someone had done as much for me when I first started to love perfume.  You could search for years looking for a particular note and not come across it.

There are services that can help. Michael Edward’s database is a good place to start, but unfortunately he does not list discontinued perfumes and so if you grew up loving a particular scent, or want to find something your mother or grandmother wore, you are fresh out of luck. Continue reading