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Turkey, Relatives, Football: Perfume at Thanksgiving?

Flapper-Shooting-TurkeyI have a theory that Thanksgiving is the new Christmas.  Think about it, the heaviest travel weekend of the year isn’t at Christmas, it’s at Thanksgiving, and that is becoming the weekend on which the largest clan gatherings of the year customarily take place.  You see it all around you, particularly if you’re unlucky enough to end up at an airport on Nov.27th learning that your plane has been delayed…again. Continue reading

Cognac and Cigars All Around

brandy cigarsSome time ago I remember suggesting that Creed, if it really wanted to appeal to Generation X , should compose a perfume with a cognac beginning and a Macanudo cigar dry down.  That would fetch buyers, or I didn’t know the Upper East Side and Fairfield County.

Turns out that such a thing already exists in Krigler’s Established Cognac, and it’s a departure from other boozy perfumes in being far less wine oriented than say, the Frapins, moreover the beginning of the Krigler is the real thing. A divine snootful of a really fine old cognac, and although I’m not a cognac drinker, I do love the smell.  Krigler has that down cold, or warmed in a palm, swirling lazily in a crystal snifter. Continue reading