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Magical Marigolds: Lauren, Flor Y Canto, Sleeping with Ghosts



Yes, the same little annuals you have planted in your vegetable patch to discourage insect predation, those are the ones used in perfumery, or to correct myself, they were used in perfumes.  Tagetes (which is their proper surname) seldom put in appearances in fragrance formulas anymore.

Once they were common enough.  In the eighties when the first generation of fruity florals came out, tagetes were frequent top notes in scents.  They had a strong but slightly fruity touch to their herbal tartness and so ended up in compositions like that of the original Lauren, Weil’s Bambou, and Calyx. Continue reading

Eve’s Downfall

eveA simple apple that was all that it took to get humans thrown out of Eden.  Now everybody likes apples, but how many of us would go to that extreme for one?  Apple strudel properly made? Yes, there’s nothing quite like it, or a Tarte Tatin, also a possibility. If the devil showed up with a Dutch apple pie, we may guess that we’d waiver on the path of virtue.   Apples are so far up on my list of Good Things in life, that I have been known to choose an apple desert over a chocolate one (horrors!).

But to return to the original question, is an apple worth Eden? Continue reading

Allons Enfants!

We have been successfully hornswoggled by the French.  The fact that it is a very old and sophisticated form of hornswoggilification is no real excuse.    They have put one over on us, that’s the fact, and one of the greatest parts of this deception is the notion that only French perfume is great, or indeed worth wearing at all.  Not so.

Well, you knew that, of course. But what you may not know is that as long as four hundred years ago, it was the fixed policy of the French government to promote the luxury trades for export.  This all began, or probably began, with M. Colbert (Jean-Baptist, not Stephen)  the brilliant minister of Finances under Louis XIV.

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