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The Scent of Irises and Earth

One of Monet's Iris bed paintings

One of Monet’s Iris bed paintings

Iris was never my favorite garden flower.  This should be admitted right away because I know many people love iris whether in perfume or in flower form, and the taste for them has been a long time coming in this case.

My mother who was a better gardener than I am, always adored iris and always had them in some form or other in her garden beds. In Vermont I remember Siberian irises being her choice probably because of their hardiness.  I found that the old bearded Iris germanica* grew like topsy in the cold little town we inhabited.  I inherited three big clumps of it which had to be divided, and I did a very clumsy job of hacking the rhizomes ( what is the difference between a root and a rhizome? See illustration) and then dropping (!), some around the yard where they actually took root and thrived.  I was literally lousy with iris. Continue reading