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Curious: Mandy Aftel’s New perfume

Lapsang Souchong which also comes to mind in Curious

Curious is the name of Mandy Aftel’s new perfume and it was immediately reminiscent to me of another perfume she created, the sophisticated Sepia from 2012.  Sepia was composed in conjunction with the blogger Nathan Branch and was inspired by the brown tints of old sepia prints.

I have to say that I was probably in the minority then because I liked Sepia which was a divisive love it/hate it kind of scent. The perfume had a sophisticated heart full of unexpected elements like strawberry (that is Fragrantica’s listing) and coffee  (again I did not smell this). Here I will dismiss the notes and describe what I smelled.  What I caught from Sepia was a scent very like Lapsang Souchong tea.  This was entirely accidental  and probably wasn’t the takeaway that other people had, but  was my impression.  Curious strikes me as having a similar central accord as the earlier work. Sepia was more complex, and had a wonderful ambergris drydown, which I still love, but Curious is drier, more woody, and has a smokiness which reminds me of Lapsang Souchong all over again, or possibly Russian Caravan Tea. Continue reading

Winter Weary Fragrance

Christmas roses from mybotanicalgarden.com

Christmas roses from mybotanicalgarden.com

Last year I went through all of January and most of February in white florals.  I simply couldn’t stand another minute of coldness or snowiness, or thought so and spritzed accordingly.  Along about the middle of February doesn’t everyone think so- unless they are in Australia?

This season I was not so careful.  Now the cold and the doldrums of late winter have caught up  with a vengeance.  I can’t face another drop of incense or one more amber perfume till next fall-what to choose? Continue reading

Perfumes for a Nutcracker

The NYC Ballet Nutcracker

The NYC Ballet Nutcracker

Or a sugar plum fairy for that matter; you can take your pick. The ballet’s been a Christmas tradition in the greater NYC area for ages, and it’s hard to run into young girls who haven’t been dragged to the The Nutcracker along with reluctant fathers and brothers.

The Hub was kinder than most of the former and subsidized a trip tothe theater. I remember taking my daughter and my pint sized nephew to  see the ballet in Stamford one year.  Nephew complete with miniature necktie and daughter in a frilly skirt. She was three.  Surprisingly they both had a good time and came away clutching small nutcrackers in their sticky fingers. Continue reading

US Series Perfumer’s Top Ten

Grant Wood

Grant Wood

Even though there are lots of perfumes to love from all the perfumers who participated in this series, I want to give readers the condensed version, so here’s a list of the perfumes that I think give you an idea of each perfumer, and I’ll keep this to liquid perfumes. Where perfume oils are concerned I recommend Sage Machado’s Onyx and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s Pamplemousse, with the understanding that generally, I’m not an oil wearer.

What did I find that was really up to the very best standards? Which perfumes  from these US artisanal perfumers should anyone who knows perfume try? OK, here goes: Continue reading

A Molecular Epic: Aftelier Perfumes

Apple Girls Mandy ASftel There has been a debate, carried on in a sporadic way on perfume blogs about natural perfumes versus synthetic and mixed fragrances.  Most perfume lovers come down on the side of the classic fragrance that combines chemicals with naturals, though unfortunately, the list of naturals in scents coming out of Europe these days is growing short. Continue reading