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Spit That Out This Minute!

nunzillaIn common with many people who once upon a time attended parochial school,  I have a very curious selection of memories. One regarded the (prohibited) candy we ingested then.  My school was very elegant and situated in a suburb of Rome, and we were all expected to behave like little ladies.

Oh well, it must have been a desperate repetition of hope over experience for the nuns.  We never really behaved like ladies.  Whether it was at Mass when Sister would lean across three girls’ laps to slap the fourth girl on the leg because she was sprawdling during Father’s sermon, or sending another girl home because she was wearing panty-hose under her knee socks, or whether Sister had detected licorice on someone’s breath during English Composition, we none of us ever behaved like ladies.  Hooligans, yes; shakedown artists, yes; squealers and grasses, absolutely. But ladies? Never. Continue reading

Speaking Allegorically

The Aqua Allegorias, the series of simpler, less expensive fragrances that Guerlain released beginning in 1999, has continued as a series up to the present day.  The quality of the series has varied considerably from the nearly irresistible, Flora Nerolia of 2000, to the messy collision between vanilla pine and fir that is Winter Delice of 2001, to the undetectable (by me) Laurier Reglisse.

Of all of them, the one that appears to cause the most consternation by its loss is Foliflora of 2003.  That one was a garland of flowers, a feminine floral meant to recall sweet pea.

It didn’t.  Nothing does, but the scent was a floral featuring principally freesia and gardenia notes, and the effect was charming and about as harmlessly female as a fragrance can get.  You would not believe the prices that this one commands on ebay.  It’s routinely in three figures, let’s put it that way. Continue reading