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The Long Hello

Perfume counters from caffeineandprayer.com

Perfume counters from caffeineandprayer.com

In 2014 the last year for which we have completed figures, there were 1620 perfume releases.  This was up by only ten from 2013 when there were 1610.  Also, be it noted that in 2014 the number of flanker perfume releases were rising at 275 up from 245 the year previously, and that the numbers of niche perfumes dropped significantly to 448 from 540  the year before. My figures come from Perfumer & Flavorist by the way.

It’s not an encouraging picture is it? The cheap and the mass market seems to be outnumbering anything that tries to attempt individuality and the likelihood is that most of what is produced is dreck. Chemicated, direly unambitious and headache inducing, the sort of stuff that gives perfume a bad name.

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