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The Symphonic Fragrance

Dublin Symphony Orchestra

Dublin Symphony Orchestra

Periodically the fashion press will trot out the statement that “perfumers have been liberated from the old pyramidal structure” of fragrance. This to me is often a tip off that the new scents about to be described by a harassed beauty editor are essentially accords.

Whole perfume business models have been built on this idea, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but if you don’t like layering fragrances, the modular system can be daunting. If you prefer to wear something finished and worked out to the final evaporation, with no roughness, no fade outs, and no awkward sections, what you are looking for is the symphonic fragrance. Continue reading

Basil, The Tomato’s Friend

basilEveryone has a  different inflection point that indicates the waning of summer.  My own is the time when the basil plants come into the local farmer’s markets with the bracts of flowers attached, and a certain rubberiness to the leaves.  When that happens, I know that summer is almost over and that soon I will be back purchasing school supplies.

I’m sorry to see the basil pass its peak.  There isn’t any better herbal smell, not to me, and like the late Eleanor Perenyi,  I find “the aroma so intoxicating, that I would turn it into a perfume  if I knew how.”

Of course, others do know how.  The first time that I recall was Isabella Rosselini’s perfume Manifesto, from the 90’s, predicated entirely on basil and owing something when you smelled it to Cabotine.  Well, that wasn’t too much of a surprise. After all, Cabotine was a heavy hitter back in those days.  Continue reading