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Bad Luck Perfume ?

Black cat superstition in action

Black cat superstition in action

Irrationality is at the core of humanity, just like a pit in an avocado. Superstition is part and parcel of this and while I like to think of myself as not being superstitious nevertheless I am.

Case in point being the “unlucky perfume”, there are some I give a wide berth to because something bad occurred every time I wore them.  Ridiculous right?  But true.

I have never been able to wear Narcisse Noir and the reason isn’t even something that happened to me but that I happened to read Black Narcissus.  Unlucky just to read about a nun going off a parapet you know.  Besides there’s the whole superstitious aura surrounding nuns there.  Then a screening of Sunset Boulevard finished me off entirely.  Narcisse Noir scared me and when I actually smelled it, that perfume spooked me.  I just don’t wear NN  as a precaution. Continue reading

Prince of Cats

Treat or claw,
Smell my paw,
Give me something
Good to gnaw!

(my daughter’s verse composed for Trick or Treating Cats)

You may have read that oakmoss, that dark extract that lends Chypres their  swarthy good looks is on its way out.  It seems that in 2013 oakmoss will be restricted to almost trace amounts in formulas, .0001% if I read the notice on the Basenotes thread correctly, and that is not good news for any number of classic perfumes. Continue reading