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Pricey Niche

peacockThere’s a very odd thing going on out there in the world of perfume: niche fragrance prices are rising.  This year the cost of a 50ml. bottle is well over a hundred dollars US.  In fact, and in the interest of consumers, it’s worth pointing out that this hike comes at a time when many commodity prices are falling, natural gas, metals, pork, corn, etc, and when inflation in the US is running at or below 1.7% (the Federal Reserve’s target is 2%).  So, why are perfume prices up so much?  Is it demand, is it production costs, is it the dollar/euro exchange rate*, is it something that someone outside of the business can’t calculate, or are we…just being suckered for the sake of fashion? Continue reading

A Broad Appeal

Most of the bottles of scent I own do nothing for my husband.  I don’t think he minds my perfume – except for some of the chypres and white florals – but then again, he doesn’t really think too much of them either.  So it’s a rare event when I come home from NYC or Saks waving about samples of something he actually likes.

It happened the other day though, and what was I wearing you may ask?  Well, it wasn’t a Chanel (although he’s alright with Chanels in general, finds Bois des Isles a bit overstated, but they’re “okay”) nor was it Guerlain (Guerlain’s never really appealed to him either, except for Attrape Coeur) and it wasn’t a Caron (although he’s made peace with the fact that I will always have Carons in the house no matter what, and hey, Poivre is not bad in his book).  It was… Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend.

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