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Casta Diva

We always got them in February in Rome, silly fluffy little bouquets that made some people sneeze but which delighted others.  They were so bright and saffron and yellow, after a Roman winter of greige and beige and gray, mimosas … Continue reading

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The Scent of Churchyards

My father was fond of scaring us all into hysterics when we were children by  humming a dirge that began, “There was an old woman, all skin and bone…” in a sepulchral tone.  The whole piece was about old lady … Continue reading

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The Smell of Adventure

Green has to do with zeitgeists, I’m convinced.  If the spirit of the Age is strictly stay-at-home then green, the entire spectrum of it, will not appeal.  Nevertheless, green is the smell that comes swirling in when you open the … Continue reading

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The Drill Sergeant Perfume

Among the many tasks I have passed off to perfume in the recent decades, one is undeniably odd: the reinforcer of sagging will power. It does sound peculiar and admittedly most people probably don’t associate perfume with effort but consider, … Continue reading

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Chypre 2.0

Periodically perfume people mourn the death of the chypre.  It’s supposed to be down to the restrictions on oakmoss which was the constituent that gave the chypres so much salty depth and dryness.  Now you cannot use oakmoss in amounts … Continue reading

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Sickly Children

If you live around the Mediterranean, you’re used to seeing mimosa everywhere in spring.  It is the first warm weather indicator: buckets of yellow fuzzballs crowding around the cankles of the flower sellers, some years as early as February.  Because … Continue reading

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