What’s It All About

Cosmologically, search me, but in this blog it is all about smells and perfumes and scented things you can grow in your garden.  It’s certainly not about anything of the sort that sophisticates like to discuss, such as politics or history (well okay, sometimes it’s about perfume history) or, God help us, finance.  Nope, this is about smells, and nothing but smells.

I should say at the start that I am not a conventional reviewer and do not write reviews as such.  Lots of other talented bloggers do that and they keep you abreast of breaking news in the perfume world far better than I could.

I write about the arresting or the historically significant or the odd, and that means that something that came out fifty years ago or conversely two, might come up for discussion.  I write about the perfumes that for whatever reason have caught my attention.

Gardening is something I will write about comparatively peripherally.  The only reason to garden, in my opinion anyway, is to grow something that either smells good or tastes good. That no doubt explains why I’ve never grown a dahlia.

My only qualification is that I have been smelling things for quite some time and am therefore apt to recognize fumic reincarnations, reformulations and the substitution of one kind of material for another (despite what everyone else writes, not always a loss).

How long I’ll be able to keep this up I can’t guess, the world of blogging is possibly like Looking Glass World where “…it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place.”

Blacknall Allen

Update – the husband, Bruce Ware Allen, has offered to do the odd post.  His take is strictly historical, and, we hope, interesting for all that.  And as turnabout is fair play, I’ll throw the odd post up on his blog.

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