As it Was, So it Is

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When  this blog began six years ago I never would have thought it would run on for so long.  But I am a Southener and we can natter the length of a summer’s day and never get tired.

Still these days the demands on my time have grown, and the effort it takes to post every week has gotten beyond even my powers of small talk. So I will largely cease to post here although will leave the blog up so that anyone who wants to  can search the archives and ( I hope) enjoy themselves in the process.

The very best of blogging has been the people I have met on these many posts, lively, funny, sophisticated, what an ideal bunch of readers you are.  I have to thank you for giving me the most valuable gift a reader can give a writer-your time.

Every once in a while I will  look in on the world of perfume through its marvelous cloudy atmosphere. Oh and  let me say that I don’t find this world is ending or producing terrible product.  I am so impressed lately with the work of Hiram Green, Neil Morris, Mandy Aftel, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, still the de Nicolai family, and am encouraged by a number of recent French firms.  As for new bottles, yes children!  I am buying some.

And the very best of luck  to all of you on every day.

So here is the blog for your enjoyment!

I will be over at every two weeks or so.

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8 thoughts on “As it Was, So it Is

  1. Thank you for keeping it up for so long! I will miss your posts and I am glad you keep up the blog. The very best to you and thank you again!

  2. I have enjoyed your blog tremendously, and will miss reading it. With many thanks and all best wishes for your future endeavors.

  3. I have read your blog regularly however I have rarely left a comment. My lack of response is to be construed only as my laziness….
    I will miss your posts, comments and your distinct “perfume voice”.
    Best wishes in all your endeavors.
    Thanks for your words and thoughts.

  4. I hope you’ll keep enjoying perfumes even if you stop blogging about this topic.
    Thank you for your company and the very best to you with everything you’re doing.

  5. Awwwwww….gonna miss you. I just love your blog, I hate to see you go, but I guess most things in life are “for a season”.

    I wish you all the best. Enjoy your free time and new changes. It’s all good.

    You have a lucid, positive writing style that always uplifted, was non-corrosive, easy on the reader. Thank You. I’ve learned so much. (like what ‘sillage’ is)

    And thank you for all the hard work and time you poured out to inform others, to share your bliss with us.

    You have so much knowledge about perfume, its history, its many aspects. You brought so much to the table from personal experience and travels, (Rome, Malta) and from your good background and education. Your social circle.

    Thanks for exposing me to that and for being patient with a longwinded streak of mine.

    I enjoyed the feedback from commenters, too. Such a lovely group.

    I liked your blog format better than others I later found. You chose good illustrative pix, and picked good themes, described things well which is hard with odors.

    Thanks to you, I am now collecting pretty old perfume bottles, repurposing them with new fragrance or splashes. I’ve got 3 now.

    I’m more appreciative of the perfume industry high and low, from majestic brands to pop culture brands and all in-between fragrances, thanks to your blog.

    It’s been a walk down memory lane. 🙂

    I wish you all the best,and with your family, daughter and your gardening, too.

    I’ll check out your new posts at history blog where you’ll be posting.

    Peace and green pastures to you.

  6. Aw, Blacknall, and just as you changed the look of your blog to something so limpidly clear too!

    I have always been impressed at how prolific you were – twice a week at least, surely – and equally I can understand how much work must have gone into your posts, and how you may wish to redeploy your time.

    Thanks for the memories – and the archive – and all the best to you and your family, both human and feline!

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