Beautiful Boronia

Boronia megastigma

I can’t remember the last time I was so tempted but I have discovered a site that sells Australian essential oils and one of them is boronia.  Haven’t heard of it?  Neither had I until some years ago, but the plant is Boronia megastigma or brown boronia in ordinary English, and the plants are small evergreen bushes that produce flowers like little shells.  True to their name, these flowers are brown on the outside of each petal but yellow inside and their perfume is heavenly.

Boronia is native to western Australia and those lucky people can grow them and enjoy spring flowers without too much trouble.  Stateside, California may be your best bet since these small bushes are only hardy to zone 9.  However their oil is something all of us can buy (if we save a bit) and in perfume boronia is a shot of unadulterated beauty.

Annick Goutal’s folavril

Boronia was in the original formula of Diorissimo. It was right in the heart underneath the tremendous lily of the valley base Roudnitska had developed some years before.  He set that base around such floral essences as rose wood and boronia on top of jasmine and sandalwood.  The essence has a fruity quality to it that I particularly love because not only is the fragrance cheerful but it’s also summery and bright, like one of those people whose conversation always cheers you up.  Bornoia is an optimist’s essence.

The sad part is that it is also very hard to find in commercial perfumes.  Aside from old bottles of Diorissimo and also old bottles of Annick Goutal’s Folavril, your choice is Mandy Aftel’s Lumiere,which is one of her most expensive at $ 205.00 for a quarter ounce.  I won’t quibble because she does have some very expensive ingredients in there but for most of us this price is a bit high.

boronia again

Tommi Sooni Passarelle was another contender for boronia but it seems either to be out of production or possibly to have lost its distributor here.  That pretty green floral seems to have sold out and so i hesitate to recommend it because where could you find it?

Maybe your best bet is to go to Essentially Australia and buy 1ml for $38.95, actually, none of this is sounding very helpful.  What was the point of boronia exactly?  Oh yes, beauty. The trouble with beauty is that it’s expensive-darn it.

There is Kewdra by Anya’s Garden, a white flowered slightly musky mix, Lumiere, and there are some few other boronia containing perfumes, but really, not very much.

My own favorite is Folavril. really though why is something so very lovely so very rare?  Price I expect.

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