Violets for Valentine’s Day

Fragrant blue violets from

Fragrant blue violets from

So I realized I had been remiss here.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers and a bouquet of violets to mark the day.  I hope it is a fragrant one for you all!

I would also love to know what everyone decided to wear for Valentine’s Day?  I stuck with an old  formula Jasmin de

Double White Violets from Logees'. com

Double White Violets from Logees’. com

Corse a Coty perfume that has a violet beginning and then

is a solid, sunny and rather rural jasmine with a distinct hay note to the fragrance.

What did you choose?  Did everyone decide to stick to roses?

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6 thoughts on “Violets for Valentine’s Day

    1. So frustrating- but it happens. Whatever is next on the “to smell” list is what goes on. Mostly animalics these days have you noticed? Tons of musk and castoreum and ambergris and your favorite civet…

      I did manage violets today though. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Me neither. Forgot about VD (I’m single) and wore Songes. I hope you enjoyed the Corse. ‘Rural jasmine’ sounds intriguing.

    1. Oh I don’t know , Songes is pretty romantic with all those flowers.
      I didn’t realize there was tiare in there and frangipani too. Sounds much more tropical and alluring than what I was wearing.

      My Hub when asked what he thought of Jasmin de Corse said, “Oh it’s like that nursery song, ‘The Sun has Got His Hat On'”

      Of course I completed the rural theme with wellington boots because clearing brambles all morning- altogether Songes may have been much more glamorous.

  2. No violets or roses for me yesterday, although I love them. I was helping a parent who was having surgery so I sprayed on vast amounts of vintage Miss Dior EDT–my comfort scent in times of stress or difficulty. And it never fails me. I hope to wear more romantic fumes later in the week.

    My mother, recovering nicely, and I watched The Lady Eve late in the evening, which was a fine Valentine celebration in and of itself. It’s easily in my top 5 films, but she had never seen it. Lots of laughs and Fonda and Stanwyck are so adorably sexy in this one: “I need him like the axe needs the turkey…”

    Hope you all enjoyed your V-day, however spent.

    1. First of all glad to hear that your mother made it through surgery so well. My best wishes to her!

      Miss Dior is a strong on your own two feet scent. I used to wear it when I was a teen taking transatlantic flights (because petrified of flying then) Miss Dior hid my fears nicely behind a fierce chypre chic. Altogether a great choice for difficult days 🙂 And Stanwyck was such s honey with grit, loved her in The Lady Eve and also Ball of Fire.

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