The Party Perfume

Girl and Champagne Glass from

Girl and Champagne Glass from

This depends on the age of the party.  If the party is young the scent is likely to be something like Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel (which is a local favorite and probably a strong seasonal seller for them) and the slightly more upscale Philosophy Pink Frosted Animal Cracker (also a sellout at our local Ulta).  If you are a teenager these days you like to smell of cookies and desserts. What should they wear?  Alarms to let parents know when to pick them up!! This is what parties are about:Food.

If you are in your twenties I suspect the smell of pot is the smell of a party.  This explains the wide dissemination of Hemp based products and of indie favs like Kinski or Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’s more straightforward Rocky Mountain High or I Love You Mary Jane.  Basically, you don’t have to be the ersatz lawyer from Suits to be looking around for your next buzz. What do they wear?  The ominous ambery wood of Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black which goes well with weed I’d guess. If you want to party you want to smoke…er vape I mean. This is what the party is about: giggling and noshing and you know.

Then there’s the sophisticated thirty something crowd.  They may like a little pot but they also like to drink and this means  booze and plenty of it.  I’ve written about lots of these scents which showcase fermentation. Champagne is a nice light choice here and I still like the note in Ambre Russe, but if you pin me down will call Krigler’s Sparkling Diamond the best champagne scent I know followed by Vraie Blonde, the Etat Libre perfume. What do they wear? The sugary figs of La Vie est Belle everywhere on the air here. My suggestions have the advantage that they’re not heavy so you will not drench the atmosphere with  sugar or alcohol. The party is about: you know and a hangover.

La MyrrheFinally everyone else’s party, the over forty party.  Then I think you’re allowed to bring in the fruits, flowers and incense.   Guerlain’s Vega if you can find it, like Serge Lutens La Myrrhe, is light enough and festive enough to make anyone feel happy, and as for the rest, I like Le Parfum C’est Ma Vie the bright and cheerful aldehydic floral from Neil Morris.  Aside from these choices, there’s always something to be said for the heavier florals like Joy or the new Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom which surprised me by being not at all a bad perfume, and normally I’m ambivalent about this line.  M&C is sprightly without being overly sweet. This party is about: having a good time and not worrying about your next pants size.

Summer parties might call for different lists, and the notes would change, but if you ask me there’s nothing like the scent of bubbles bursting especially if they’re champagne bubbles.  Anyway Happy New Year to all my Readers!greatwinenews

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6 thoughts on “The Party Perfume

  1. Such a fun read, I’m happy to see you’re on a roll, festive season or not…
    I think party-perfume wise I was always in the over forty bracket, perhaps it changes when I will actually, in the very foreseeable future, turn the big four -0.
    Vega is my choice or Arpege, both are my happy perfumes. I’ve wanted to try the strawberry champagne Krigler you mention for a while, but their sample prices… :-O
    Happy 2016.

    • Oh I know! Krigler’s prices are through the roof. Their production is somewhat uneven too, but when they do well, as in Pleasure Gardenia or Lieber Gustav, they do very well.

      Arpege is such a great mixer, and of course Vega sparkles, sort of surprised Vega did not take off more. Happy New Year in any event and whatever you wear :-)

  2. I’m in your last category but through the all previous ones I wore the same perfume for the most important parties (birthdays, New Years, etc.) – my all-time favorite Climat by Lancôme though as I got older I did add several perfumes for special occasions – PoaL, Ubar and OJ’s Ta’if. As for champagne, I prefer to drink it.

    Happy New Year!

    • Climat is SO different from La Vie Est Belle, which I smelled quite a bit for this post, that it’s hard to imagine them coming from the same company. LVEB has a half life close to uranium’s, I know that it is popular but it’s not subtle.

      I like to drink Champagne and Saint Hilaire which is Blanquette de Limoux. It’s an appellation controlee, they claim is an older sparkling wine than champagne. Don’t know, but very delicate not too sweet. Know you know your wines and wonder if you’ve tried this?

      • I have never tried Saint Hilaire but now, after you’ve mentioned it and I read about it, I’ll make sure to find it next year – thank you for the recommendation.

  3. What a great idea for a post! There is also the scent called Junky, with hemp in it though we shouldn’t really be encouraging young people down such dangerous paths, hehe.

    When I read this my thoughts immediately turned to The Party in Manhattan, a festive chypre with a bit of a fizzy feel to it. Stupid money and used to be only available in Harrods, sadly.

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