How Not to Cook Perfume

Moving it or losing it.

Moving it or losing it.

This week I’m moving and so is my perfume.  Eek.  It’s summer and there is a risk involved: cooking the bottles. There was a sad post in Bois de Jasmin (called Does it Spark Joy?) that detailed Lauren’s loss of her perfume collection because she moved in July to a southern state and her stash sizzled in the heat and was largely destroyed.

You get the picture.

Now I’ve never been perfectly organized when it comes to my perfumes.  I don’t rotate and display them in a lovely feminine hat box they way Mals at The Muse in Wooden Shoes does, and I have not got the impressive methodology and discipline of Undina. While  I’m not a slob,, exactly, my samples tend to lead a free wheeling existence in old plastic bags labeled by  perfume variety.  If it says Oriental on the outside, then the likelihood is that Orientals reside on the inside-mostly.  That is, unless I forgot what I was doing and dropped a floral aldehyde in there by mistake, the way I did with Neil Morris’ Le Parfum C’est Ma Vie, which I now can’t find at all, dammit! Or – oh wait, what is that rolling around on the floor?

Perfume in load NO 1

Perfume in load NO 1

So there has been attrition already among the samples.  I’ll just bet some got packed in handbags (I switch handbags. Then forget what I zipped into various compartments of aforementioned handbags.  You’d be amazed at what has turned up, LEs of Guerlains while digging for cab fare in downtown Manhattan.”Yay! I just found Oriental Brulant!” “Yeah, lady? I can’t find a green light on Seventh!”)

The real worry though is the bottles themselves. I box everything and then I put everything in a cooler.  Seriously.  Also I have a fridge up and running on the other end to receive the perfume, and if anything goes wrong everything goes down to the cellar into the wine cellar.  (Okay, they’re just a bunch of wooden shelves, but it’s the temperature and not the carpentry that counts).

This may not be the optimal method of perfume transportation, but it’s gonna have to do.  Tomorrow is when my first transport goes and I’m already apprehensive of Other perfume travelers in their box

Other perfume travelers in their box

mishaps and breakages.

One way or another all of it will get to the new house and I’m optimistic on the whole (when not imagining disasters).  After all, I’m moving North, not South, and things ought not to get too disorderly.

Now if only I could figure out a good way of transporting the cat….


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8 thoughts on “How Not to Cook Perfume

    • Yes I know about the feline tendency to go walkabout (or maybe stalkabout in their case) during moves. She travels up to the new house first with the Hub, to avoid scary big moving vans!!

    • Thanks Vanessa, I will try to take care of both. The perfume is already up there cooling off in the basement. I only wish I could do the same.

  1. Do you honestly have a cat named Miss Charcoal? What an excellent name!

    Good luck with the move-change is good. And I bet all your beautiful fragrances will be just fine. You have prepared well. Just think-this time next week any fears you have will be over (this is what I tell myself to get thru life-this time next week audits will be a mere memory-you get the picture, I’m sure!)

    I’m looking forward to reading about all the new smells and sights of your new abode.

    Best wishes,


    • Thank you! And that’s a such a sound philosophy, I only wish I could get myself in gear enough to tell myself the same some days!

      And Miss Charcoal is indeed called Miss Charcoal. She’s a diva.

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