The Tidal Wave of Pollen Known as Spring

Bee and Pollen

Bee and Pollen

Spring this year is unusually pollen heavy, everywhere I go in New Jersey people have watery eyes and running noses.  My Hub is apparently in competition for the greatest number of recorded sneezes during any twenty four hour period, and even the check out people at Shop Rite can barely see out of their swollen eyes.

What is causing all this misery? Pollen, pure and simple, but also remarkably plentiful this year.  Our car is covered in a powdery chartreuse veil of the stuff.  I can’t help  but wonder, how many more floral smells can we actually endure?It’s a good question.  I also wonder why pollen is this much of a problem?  The answer used to be that most of the householders in mid century America didn’t want to plant female plants which would set seed and drop fruits and cause the pulling out of rakes and blowers and mess generally.  So according to this theory, what you have all across who no knows how many thousands of square miles of Suburbia, is male plants and heavy pollen counts.  Pollen counts that our ancestors in the 18th and 19th centuries would never have smelled in their own eras.

Original advertising for Un Air de Samsara

Original advertising for Un Air de Samsara

I’m not sure that I believe this theory.  It could be true, but maybe in springs long past people sneezed and wiped their eyes just as frequently as we do, and the only real difference is that now we have Zyrtec et al to stand between us and deliquescence.

Since the air is already so heavy I’m not sure what kind of scent if any goes with pollen.  I would guess honey, which I must associate with pollen as a kind of end product, but the real experts on this point would be the bees and they’re not talking. What I’ve tried is the very light and refined Un Air de Samsara.  This truly is one of those fragrances for people who can’t stand heavy scents. Samsara with its intense jasmine sandalwood tango is a perfume you seldom hear mentioned on perfume boards and blogs.  The reason may be over familiarity- since our mothers  wore this perfume to death.  But the flanker Un Air de Samsara begins with a swirling chilly breath of  peppermint and afterwards becomes a delicate veil woven on the old Samsara pattern. I would also guess that  the slight



woody skin scent of  Un Air de Samsara is quite perfect for men in summertime.

My other peculiar personal choice is carnation.  I like snap and sparkle to help me slosh out of  muggy conditions like the ones I currently wade across. New York right now is an atmospheric marsh full of pollen.  Bellodgia is my perfume Wellington Boot of choice and my antihistamine alternative.  I go for vintage from the seventies and eighties and the lilies of the valley, roses and then carnations of

Bellodgia clear my head and make me feel slightly less clammy.

What’s your best miasma clearing perfume?  We have several more weeks of muggy coming up and I would like to know what other people use?

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2 thoughts on “The Tidal Wave of Pollen Known as Spring

  1. ‘Powdery chartreuse veil’ sounds positively desirable! I am luckily not susceptible to pollen, but feel sorry for anyone who is. And you have ‘heavier air’ generally in the US – thinking also of muggy Floridian weather, though that is to do with humidity.

    • Oh we all have humidity on the East Coast of the US, though nothing like Brazil. Then again you have a few “humidity” issues in Britain too. Everyone’s great accessory was either a raincoat or an umbrella :-) as I remember.

      Have been binge watching The Great British Bakeoff and so have ambitions to make a walnut coffee cake!

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