Bad Luck Perfume ?

Black cat superstition in action

Black cat superstition in action

Irrationality is at the core of humanity, just like a pit in an avocado. Superstition is part and parcel of this and while I like to think of myself as not being superstitious nevertheless I am.

Case in point being the “unlucky perfume”, there are some I give a wide berth to because something bad occurred every time I wore them.  Ridiculous right?  But true.

I have never been able to wear Narcisse Noir and the reason isn’t even something that happened to me but that I happened to read Black Narcissus.  Unlucky just to read about a nun going off a parapet you know.  Besides there’s the whole superstitious aura surrounding nuns there.  Then a screening of Sunset Boulevard finished me off entirely.  Narcisse Noir scared me and when I actually smelled it, that perfume spooked me.  I just don’t wear NN  as a precaution.

Gloria Swanson talking up Narcisse Noir

Gloria Swanson talking up Narcisse Noir

Other perfumes I avoid have to do with personal associations which make me leery of them.  Parfum d’Empire’s Cuir Ottoman is my father in law’s funeral to me.  I wore that then because the perfume seemed so dignified, so dark toned and elegant.  How could CO not go with many shades of black?  Actually Cuir Ottoman did that admirably, so well in fact that I cannot wear it to this day without feeling, in some eery way,that I am back in a  very old church in New Jersey listening to a funeral sermon.

Sometimes the association is almost haphazard.  I wore Iris Bleu Gris to a matinee performance of Macbeth once (oops, I mean the Scottish Play) For ever afterwards Iris BG reminded me of the weird sisters stirring something in a pot that obviously wanted to get out of that pot and intoning their famous chant about bubbling, toiling and troubling.  I simply will never wear that perfume again.  I know this is silly but I won’t even take a chance on a subway trip smelling like that.



Finally there are perfumes that always lead to disaster.  Personal disaster I mean.  I don’t think anything happens to other people when they wear them, but something always happens to me and what always happens always happens not to be good.  Case in point another Caron: En Avion.  This is a very elegant leather scent in a lighter more feminine vein than Tabac Blond with an airy fusilage of an anise note in the heart and a signature orange blossom preceeding that note.  The dry off is all leather but expensive leather, the leather of air plane seats.  But every time I wear that perfume something goes wrong.  I wear it and the dinner burns, I wear it and the house I wanted to put a bid on is unexpectedly under contract the moment I walk in (and not one before), I wear it and someone gets unexpectedly sick and the dinner ends in the ER.

I know the perfume isn’t responsible for my own absent minded cooking, or incompetent real estate agents, or even the malfunctions of other people’s guts, but like Weegee at a crime scene in the 40’s, EA is always there. If I have to take a plane anywhere, you know what I’m not wearing.  I’m superstitious at the core-but aren’t we all?

Are any perfumes unlucky for you?

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4 thoughts on “Bad Luck Perfume ?

  1. Really a silly observation, but I still can’t bring myself to wear En Avion as the ER incident is now associated with that frag!
    Glad you’ve never had a similar experience.

  2. Narcisse Noir lurked in my basement (I cellar the Carons) in a sinister way until i simply had to sell it. Couldn’t wear it, but then I’m not the stuff femme fatles (ahem I mean FATALES) are made of.

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