Perfect Peach, Perfect Nectar

Flavorcrest peaches

Flavorcrest peaches

There is no such beast in a bottle.  I keep on looking.  There is or was an aldehyde, C14 which imitated the scent of peaches and is to be found in Mitsouko (or in older formulations of Mitsouko.  I don’t know if C14 is considered kosher by IFRA regulations) and the same aldehyde came in as a  moderator in all sorts of fragrances from Joy to Lancome’s Climat, but nowhere is there a  perfect stand alone peach.

Sarah Horowitz’ Perfect Nectar is another one of my detours from sampling to find a peach centric scent.  The trouble is that Perfect Nectar* is more of a Edible Arrangement fragrance, there is papaya, and mango, mandarin, white flowers, ylang ylang, tea, musk (naturally) and green notes in this scent but no peach.

Someone on Fragrantica wished that this was the smell of a shampoo, and to be frank it very nearly is, but I actually like PN. Although there is no peach per se in Perfect Nectar, only what you might call the syrupy idea of peachiness, and the syrupy peach in question is drowned in that sugar pool known as the Fruit Cup. By all that is fair and right Perfect Nectar ought to smell perfectly

Perfect Nectar

Perfect Nectar

dreadful, but somehow the fragrance remains really very pleasant.

I find myself thinking of some of the very best fruity floral fragrances of the past like Calyx, and remembering that the one thing that all of these perfumes have in common is a workaday  lack of pretension that makes them wearable practically anywhere, including the dentist’s office and the supermarket.

When trying out other peach centric or peach inflected perfumes such as MDCI Peche Cardinal or Krigler’s Mediterranean Peach, or even grand old chypres with a notable peach ingredient such as Jean Patou’s Que Sais Je?, I’ve always found an element of formality that makes these hard to wear, and surely nothing should be so

Early Cover for R. Dahl's James and the Giant Peach

Early Cover for R. Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach

simple or so pleasant as a peach in midsummer?

This one is long lasting, almost completely synthetic, but still good to smell and very versatile.  Maybe Nectar’s not the perfect example, not James’ Giant Peach, but this stuff still is a sunny,  juicy holographic peach.  Even James might like this.

My sample courtesy of Olfactif, the perfume sampling service.

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6 thoughts on “Perfect Peach, Perfect Nectar

  1. You need an Aladdin’s lamp! Hopefully the genie will create for you the perfect peach fragrance. Because you are right – it ought not to be that hard. Why so much oud and so little peach? Love Calyx, by the way, and I’m really glad Clinique has relaunched it as its own, as that makes it easier to get where I live.

    • Yeah what is up with all the oud? I did get a bit tired of too many fruity florals but now am getting nostalgic for the days when I didn’t smell oud all over the place.
      I was down at the shore yesterday, and walking along the boardwalk (please note outdoors, open air) what could I smell on said boardwalk? Oud.

      So Calyx or anything else would be a nice change and I think a great peach perfume would sell well :-)

  2. I had a bowl of fresh peaches on the kitchen counter earlier in the summer, and it was such utter heaven every time I walked past that I found myself wishing desperately that such a fragrance had been bottled.


    B&BW had one called “Sparkling Peach,” some time ago, I think, and it wasn’t awful, but it lacked that heady WHOOSH of peachy richness and was more shampoo-y. I love the peach note in the first Ines de la Fressange, but it’s just part of the overall composition.

    I did buy a sample of something called Ginger Peach from some Etsy company once, and it was pretty good… though maybe more like a peach milkshake – there was a milky quality to it. Can’t remember the company, though.

    • What we are saying here is that no one has really pulled off the peach scent exactly right.

      I suppose most perfumers are afraid to try because a solifruit (?) perfume might seem too unsophisticated to them, but supposing you made a flower through fruit portrait of a peach and called,it I don’t know…Shou? ( after the Chinese god of longevity who always seems to be holding a peach.) Don’t know if it would be as good as the Etsy perfume, or the Ines de la Fressange opening, but sounds like a brief, and ought to sell well in China!

  3. Oh! Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche, I forgot that one. The first time I tested it, I couldn’t smell it at all, but then retried and thought it was very nice. But like everything else – not a *fresh* peach.

    • Drat, I forgot that one too. I can’t recall now whether I’ve tried it or not? I wonder if some perfumer could be wheedled into trying a new peach formula?

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