Interview with Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes

Aftelier groupDo you have a smell from childhood that you loved-anything from your Mom’s perfume to your dog’s paws-and what was it?

I loved the smell of my mother’s mink coat  sprayed with Joy perfume (the heady mix of animal and floral) when she was going out with my father for a special dinner.

How do you see people using your perfumes, as accessories, personal signatures, or therapeutically?

I like to think of my perfumes as interwoven with joyous experiences in my customers’ lives becoming part of precious memories.

If perfumes can be categorized as narrative (like Jean Patou’s 1000) or as abstractions (like No 5) or mood altering (like Eau Dynamisante) or evocative (like L’Heure Bleue) which are yours?

Aftelier guideI think both evocative and narrative.

Do you have a particular material you prefer to work with or that you always return to?

Jasmine, ambergris, aged patchouli paired with benzoin

What is your current best seller?

Fig and Cuir de Gardenia

Which of your perfumes are you proudest of, and why?

Sepia bottleSepia — For me, it captures a feeling of  the beauty of the past and the aging process and I had an image of the smell I wanted in my mind to evoke a feeling that was smooth and old and full of patina.  Hard to put into words but something that I could feel and loved.

The artwork once again is Winslow Homer’s. A very good partner to Mandy’s evocative and vivid perfumes.

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