Coverlet of White Flowers: Dolce Tuberose, Splendid Gold, and Sparkling Diamond

coverletThe temperature finally rose, our teeth are no longer chattering hard enough to shake the fillings out, and outdoors it is a comparatively banana belt 36 degrees (fahrenheit). Thank heavens for upper air movements.

I’ve stuck to my resolution not to wear anything but florals all week, and have ended up pleased with the effect.  No heavy ambers, no gourmands, no complicated orientals, not even any leathers.  This week was florals and nothing but florals, most of them white.

It ended up being a bit of a Krigler fest because my self discipline failed and I bought another set of samples and went a bit hog wild with them.  Then too, the savvy people at Krigler enclosed a few freebies and I got to try Splendid Gold and Chateau Krigler as well.

Unfortunately, I really, really liked most of these.  Kriglers seem to be in extremely limited availability.  Monaco and New York, that’s it for this company.  You can get samples online but frankly they’re not cheap.  The upside is that they are real perfume, especially the older formulas, and  my experience was that the older the perfume the richer, stranger, and more idiosyncratic it was.

Kriglers skew sweet, but not always.  English Promenade, Chateau Krigler and Lieber Gustav are rather less so than Pleasure Gardenia, Lovely Patchouli or, one of my current favorites, Dolce Tuberose.  Dolce is very sweet, and the combination of heliotrope and tuberose which dominates this scent reminds me  (as I’ve noted elsewhere) of halvah. but Dolce’s not the only sweet but sophisticated Krigler out there.

I also spent two days wearing Sparkling Diamond which is one of the most distinctive perfumes I’ve ever come across.  Sparkling’s champagne, strawberries and coconut.  Seriously champagne too, the note never dissipates off my skin.  Some comments on Fragrantica suggest that the champagne bubbles burst soon.  Not on me.  I can wear Sparkling Diamond all day with only one ten a.m. application, and still smell Veuve Cliquot clearly by five p.m.  This is a highly pitched, tinkling little tune composed for tiny crystal bells.  There are no deep notes in SD, none, and so the effect of it on days when everything was frozen anyhow was indeed sparkling. Chilled, I’ll bet SD is beautiful on hot days, too.

The only downside, this is seriously expensive, the equivalent of a Limited Edition Guerlain.  Worth it to my mind, but  others may not find it so.  You do have to like champagne or at the very least a kind of blonde incense which this perfume emulates.  Sparkling Diamond is exhilarating to wear.

Splendid Gold was that coverlet of white flowers from the post title.  The whole white flowers blanket effect is spread underneath a layer of apricots and vanilla like a gold lace overlay on white satin. Mostly I catch jasmine in this one, and the other constituents, white tea, peppercorn, I take on faith.  The Krigler musk I can smell.  Almost all Kriglers contain a high end musk that gives them that sweet coda, and most seem to contain a high grade cedar oil which lends them a fullness on skin I keep on mistaking for incense.

Splendid Gold, which is from 2011, was my sole disappointment. It smelled like a female Amouage.  I can hear people saying, “That’s a disappointment?” Yeah, I admit it. I’m spoiled. Also I’ve gotten to like the distinctive Krigler style and this was missing in Splendid Gold.  If you like Amouages though, SG’s great, and needless to say, peau de soie soft and feminine.

So this week while I was definitely cold, I can’t honestly say I was uncomfortable.

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6 thoughts on “Coverlet of White Flowers: Dolce Tuberose, Splendid Gold, and Sparkling Diamond

    1. If you enjoy white florals you’ll have a ball with some of these 🙂
      I didn’t get around to mentioning the Chateau Krigler which is white roses and lily of the valley (sort of pale green as a scent) reminds me of Caswell Massey’s White Rose, and the Pleasure Gardenia which I did post about,and which is gardenia and mimosa over that Krigler musk. Very nice stuff for the floral lovers among us!

    1. Sorry.

      No I really am gonna time out myself for this one because the last thing any one of us needs is another expensive fume right? Time for me to find some nice inexpensive options.

      Loved your cold weather list btw. How could I forget Mariella Burani or Juste Un Reve? Brains, some days I just don’t has any.

  1. Mmm, you make those Krigler perfumes sound darn good. Especially the Dolce Tuberose and Sparkling Diamond. Sparkling Diamond sounds exceptionally intriguing.

    I also like the artwork you chose. Kay Nielsen, yes?

    1. Full marks it is Kay Nielson, don’t you love his art deco work?

      Sparkling Diamond is the most original of the Kriglers.Some are a little less so, but the Diamond is a genuinely strange perfume and really kind of boozy in a chilled ice cube way.

      Some of their perfumes I was less impressed by, and a few smelled old fashioned to me, Chateau Krigler shows a bit of its age, but Established Cognac is great. Something you figure Stanford White would have worn while ogling gals on that infamous red velvet swing!

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