Turkey, Relatives, Football: Perfume at Thanksgiving?

Flapper-Shooting-TurkeyI have a theory that Thanksgiving is the new Christmas.  Think about it, the heaviest travel weekend of the year isn’t at Christmas, it’s at Thanksgiving, and that is becoming the weekend on which the largest clan gatherings of the year customarily take place.  You see it all around you, particularly if you’re unlucky enough to end up at an airport on Nov.27th learning that your plane has been delayed…again.

My family is just the same, and on Thanksgiving we’ll all be down the Jersey Shore stuffing, and the men folk will be trying to watch football while the ladies plan their Black Friday assault on the retail establishments.

It’s a cacophony of sounds and smells, and I always wonder looking at the crowded kitchen, whether introducing yet another smell into this olfactory stew is a kindness or an imposition?  And if you do decide to wear something-how do you do it?  Damn the torpedoes, and full chypres ahead, or gourmands to go with the flow, or do you crack open some virtual fresh air?  It’s a question.

Some folks go with the predominant theme, so out come Like This, the pumpkin tinged ELDO release, or something a little more subtle possibly Guerlain’s Moscow or London with its smells of boiled sweets and rhubarb.  I’d suggest Neela Vermaire’s Bombay Bling with the fresh mango notes and then a body stuffed with Indian spice.  Bling’s just enough of a variation on the annual smells to make it seem new and interesting.  There’s also something buoyantly cheerful about the composition which is probably a good accompaniment to chat, and small talk is by far the best size of talk in families.  It’s large talk that causes trouble, miniature hobnobbing squeezes in to the conversational corners at large family gatherings most easily.

If you simply can’t get through such a pro-longed lunch without liquid sustenance you could always wear it rather than drink it.  For those who love virtual booze, Killian’s Back to Black is a good option, as is Lubin’s Idole with its resident rum note.  My absolute current favorite here is Krigler’s Established Cognac which is so literal you had better not get pulled over, or the police will certainly have you reciting the alphabet backwards no matter what reading they get on the breathalyzer.

But it all seems a bit too heavy for me this year.  I’m going with Vetiver and retreating to the back room to watch a little football or pretend to while actually dozing.  Then I’ll do the dishes. This cheers up everyone.

What’s your Thanksgiving fragrance choice – or do you go scentless?

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6 thoughts on “Turkey, Relatives, Football: Perfume at Thanksgiving?

  1. My standard holiday fragrance is 1740 Marquis de Sade from Histoires de Parfums (the original – I hear it’s been reformulated). Boozy fruit compote – yummy!

    1. A perfume that is polarizing as far as I can tell. Sounds good to me though. Boozy fruit compost beats a jello mold every time!

    1. How very sensible you are.

      Of course you do have Boxing Day and Guy Fawkes, but these are all less familial scrums than our National Turkey Trot. We sometimes combine Thanksgiving with marathons, Atlanta does I know because my Hub once ran a half there. Then at least there was trotting before turkey.

    1. Five O’Clock is so suave, a real charmer! You wouldn’t think that Serge was so apropos at Christmas and Thanksgiving, but he does fit right in there!

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