Beastly Dirty Fall

Autumn-Landscape-with-Four-Trees-jpgThis morning I woke up and it was Autumn.

It was supposed to have been Fall a couple of weeks or more ago, but things don’t run on schedules in the States these days, and so it was not surprising that the seasons were behind schedule as well.  I had not gotten to the business of going through my bottles and putting the summer ones down cellar in their boxes, and I had not pulled up the colder weather ones…ah, but I don’t have much in the way of cold weather perfume, and what little I do have was pressed into service in the warm months because this year has been cold and rainy….

O.K.,  I admit that this is hardly the most organized response to seasonal change.  What I like in the Fall is long sessions with the cat on my lap, or else animalic perfumes. This may be a reaction against the process of Fall cleaning which I perform in the most slow motion contemplative manner I can, not because of conviction or spirituality, but because of laziness.  In fact I have been reading a book on cleaning called Faire le ménage chez soi, faire le ménage en soi, which I suspect translates very loosely to Zen and the Art of Household Maintenance.  I am not sure about the Zen part of it, but am certain my house needs cleaning.  So go about it, but at the end of the day do not want to smell anything that reminds me of white vinegar, Bon Ami, or bleach.

My choice of perfume to counteract all this cleanliness is Biehl parfumkunstwerke mb03, which I liked at once for its heavy-pelted darkness.  03 is like getting inside of a big old fur coat, and I adore this aspect of the scent, especially on cold or clammy days.  If I lived in Northern Germany, in places like Hamburg or Bremen, or even in Amsterdam where it can be rather gray and rainy, I think this Mark Buxton fragrance would be a favorite of mine pretty quickly.  03 is dark, but the darkness is of a distinctly inhabitable, hospitable sort, and I quite like it.

My other Jones for this season is Krigler’s Lovely Patchouli.  There’s a perfume which is a bouquet of paradoxes: masculine and feminine (think I smell lilacs in there), lasting but not heavy, and sweet but not too sweet.  Also, I like patchouli, and this is part of the equation here.

Lovely Patchouli does something that is not so fashionable anymore – the formula uses patchouli as an introduction to the rest of what smells like a fairly turning twisting composition.  By the end, LP does not smell much like patchouli to me anymore, but more like a mélange of clean wood and incense notes.  The dry down is not like anything I have smelled recently, which is good in my opinion, since the dominant trends can get a bit repetitive at times.

Anyway, now I realize that after a long day’s cleaning what I like to smell is fur, that and a little bit of earth. What I need is some nice clean dirt!

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2 thoughts on “Beastly Dirty Fall

    • It’s likeable in the same way that large, overweight, but easy going men are, though MB03 smells a lot better than most men.
      It was supposed to be a power fragrance and when I first reviewed it the stuff reminded me of a super villain, but I think MB03 is Dr. Evil-tops.

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