peachPeaches are still in the markets, and I’m happy.

Every year I look for them and every year their return is short, a few weeks in my part of the Eastern Seaboard.   But we make the most of them in my household: fresh peaches for breakfast, peaches in waffles, peach slices in glasses of white wine with peach schnapps (call it an American Bellini), peach cobbler, and – well, you get the idea. 

Peaches have been in perfume forever, too; or to be more precise they have been ever since one of the older aldehydes was produced, C14 which mimics the scent of peaches rather well.  It’s in Mitsouko and was the great moderator in the now lost perfume Iris Gris by the couturier Fath, an iris peach accord of great elegance, and it’s back in a big way I notice over at perfumes MDCI. They have produced a series of feminines which have peach top-notes, most notably Peche Cardinal  (one of those cutesy pie French puns meaning “cardinal sin” and a desert in which you top peaches with raspberry sauce and so get the cardinal red effect.)

It’s not the only peachy perfume in their line.   I’m most familiar with Peche Cardinal  though, which I spent some time wearing last year.  It was tuberose.  In fact, with the addition of the aldehydes, what it was specifically was Fracas, but Fracas enlarged,  Fracas with the magnification turned up so much that you could count the pixels.

I’m not really a great candidate for tuberose you need to be uber female, or else frankly not female at all to pull it off.  Put it this way, I can quite see Portia de Rossi wearing Fracas or indeed Peche Cardinal, but I can’t imagine Ellen de Generes doing so at all.

My other favorite peach perfume is not a peach perfume at all, but the peach note in Vie de Chateau.  Specifically it’s the combination of peaches and hay in that de Nicolai classic.  It’s a strange scent, sometimes loud and sometimes soft, like the sound in BBC TV productions, for no apparent reason, and sometimes determinedly masculine, and other days quite functional as a female fragrance.

This is my other choice for peaches, that is, when Bellinis are not on the menu.  What’s your favorite peach perfume?





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22 thoughts on “Peaches

  1. Rochas Femme for me, for a peach note. Dark, dusky and aged, a long way from the sweet fluffy fruit off the tree. That’s how I like it in perfume. Of real peaches, I love them with feta and mint. Yum!

    • Oh that feta and mint combo sounds extremely good. My Hub is one of the peach fanatics of this world and bet he’d love that. Must try it.

      Femme is a perfume that I had a tiny bottle of and wore once in a blue moon-but loved. It completely dominated me, totally perfume- pecked me, but could never abandon the bottle. Great stuff.

      • ‘Perfume-pecked’ is great. I can think of a few perfumes that do that to me, the new Ivoire for starters.

        I can’t remember where I got the idea for the peach-feta-mint combo and I’m trying to think if there was any kind of dressing, but probably not. I think it relies on the peach juice to bind it together, so they have to be just perfect peaches. A bit pepper might good, maybe, to round it off.

  2. Ahhhhh, peaches. Fresh ones – sliced with a little sugar and lemon juice, served atop pound cake. Perfect. (I haven’t frozen any peaches this year, but that’s how I do ‘em. Pull one of those packages out of the deep freeze come February, and it’s a little bit of summer heaven.)

    Laurie Erickson of Sonoma Scent Studio once sent me a vial of peach undecalactone (the peachy bit of Mitsouko), and I loved it. I do NOT, however, love Mitsouko, and in fact I tend to find any chypre+fruit concoction at least slightly nauseating.

    Other peach notes I enjoy – well, again I will mention the first Ines de la Fressange having a really lovely peach note along with its aldehydes- rose-jasmine-sandalwood. I love the stewed-fruit peach in Dolce Vita, too, though I tend to save that for freezing winter days. And Guerlain AA Bouquet #1, which I only sampled, was really a nice peachy-jasmine thing, very very light.

    People say KM Peau de Peche is nice, though for some reason I can’t smell it (possibly a musk anosmia issue).

      • You know that hot peach pie note is what sold me on L’Aimant. Didn’t get it at first, but when I finally did got really addicted to it. Now I like L’Aimant better than No5.

    • Should really try your sliced frozen peaches (this post is turning into a peach recipe bonanza for me, which I’m loving because you can’t have too many peach recipes. Do you like peach leather btw? My Dad adored that.)

      The problem of Mitsouko is that you have to have presence to wear it, since it’s is such a Drama Queen.A perfume for Divas and Prima Ballerinas and any Russian beauty really.

      Can’t find the first Ines, only the second ,which is a bore but now I find there is a peach Krigler, called Mediterranean Peach, and the original recipe is old, 1914 or 15, so when I get a chance maybe tomorrow, I will smell it and report back.

      Oh and Bourdon was such the master of fruit notes, Dolce Vita was wonderful, but doesn’t smell like much to me now. Honestly they do water stuff down right and left at Dior, Dune is probably Beach Erosion at this point.

      • BEACH EROSION!! I laughed.

        Actually, I have smelled Dune within the last year, and it was fine. My sister wore it for several years, and my sister-in-law still wears it, and it smells at least in character with my memory of it. I got rid of my Dolce Vita edt; now I only have two tiny 5ml parfum bottles, and I treasure them. They’re like fruit liqueur.

        So how was the Krigler?

        • Probably wonderful but I never smelled it because I was downtown all the time and never once made it to mid town. NYC is frustrating like that, once you’re in one neighborhood it’s difficult to hustle your way onto the subway and into another!

    • Loved the one in Champagne too. And as for Femme, wow.

      When I ran into Le Parfum de Therese the other week, I was reminded of Femme, only Femme if there were a lot more cumin in it Did you ever smell LPdT?

  3. I like Peche Cardinal and Dolce Vita. I am on the fence on Mitsouko, don’t know if I’ll ever come to a resting place. But none of the perfumes pleases me as much as a Bellini – one of my favorite drinks! :) Have you tried the Krigler peach, by the way? I saw your comment in the previous post to Undina, and I’ve been curious about that Krigler in particular.

    • No because I was running around the village and never got near the Plaza! But think will break down and order some samples from them.
      Love Bellinis too, so that Krigler should be a good bet.

  4. I love peaches – as in fruit and we’re lucky to have them in season for a couple of months here. But when it comes to perfumes, peach is my nemesis, it can spoil a perfume for me causing phisical nausea. I never know when it happens, in small doses in some perfumes I do not mind it but those perfumes you’ve mentioned are all a complete “no go” for me.
    Well… I’ll keep eating peaches and smellingother notes in perfumes.

    • This is what keeps it so interesting, how one note can seem heavenly to some of us, and send the rest of us running out of the room.

      At least peaches taste good to you so you can enjoy them on a plate if not in a bottle!

  5. I love quite a few fragrances with peach, especially in combination with a good dose of buttery iris. My favourites are; vintage Femme, Ouris, Vespres Siciliennes, Peche Cardinale, Aroma Allegoria Vitalissant, which is a great summer peach. I also just bought a perfume called Isotta, and I loved the combination of sparkle, iris and a touch of peach.

    • Don’t know Ouris or Isotta for that matter, but they sound lovely and a bit like the idea behind Iris Gris, therefore extremely chic.

      You’re lucky to have smelled the AA Vitalisant. Can’t find that one anywhere anymore. Sometimes the Allegorias are so popular and then they simply fall off the surface of the earth. It’s very frustrating.

  6. You’re right, they are both chic, and the iris/ peach combo is reminiscent of Iris Gris, even if all three are so very different from each other.

    The 3 Aroma allegorias turn up on some of the European E-bay sites now and again, I love the Exultant one of them too.

    • This news of AAs on European Ebay is making my mouth water! Really must behave myself on the purchase front as my daughter has outgrown all her clothing this season.

  7. I also love peaches, but it’s very hard to get good ones here in Sweden, as they are always imported and some of the lusciousness seems to get lost in the transport.

    For peaches in perfume, I second what annemarie says about Rochas Femme! I also adore the peach note in Annick Goutals Mimosa, very different from Femme, easy going and light, and in winter I love Etat Libre d’Oranges Vraie Blonde.

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